Sunday, November 6, 2016

Melting Basket 76

Halloween wax tarts from the previous basket I would repurchase: CFTKR Full Moon if it wasn't discontinued (tears), Sweet Fixations Haunted House, House of Usher Sanderson Sisters, LSC Spooky Brew, Screaming (or Spooky) Apparitions, Crimson Moon, Cobweb Cookies. I am a little sad I only have about 3 Halloween tarts left to carry over for next year. They are the few LSC tarts I bought in the last order. But maybe getting to buy all new ones will be nice. 

CFTRK- Sticky Cinnamon Buns (in the cutest shapes ever)
CFTKR- Fall Wreath
CFTKR- Caramel Spice
FuturePrimitive- Pumpkin Eater (mmmmmmm did you see that vendor?????)
Glitterati- Pink Sugar Marshmallow Fireside
Beezy- Amish Quilt
Lasting Scent Candles- Cabin Fever
Lasting Scent Candles- Mallow Munch
Sugar & Spice- Marshmallow Fireside/Celtic Moonspice blend
Universal Voodoo- Wayward Gravy <3 gift
Universal Voodoo- Horizontal Haze
Big Whiff- Twilight Woods
The Bathing Garden- Pumpkin Spice

If you would like me to review any of these scents in depth, I would be happy to just for you! Leave a comment below letting me know which one beckons to be discussed. And hey. I will talk more about one of the above vendors in a soon-to-be Fall Fun Series post. So keep those peepers peeled. 

I am in full thrall of Thanksgiving and Christmas right now. I want it to be a happy and enjoyable time but I think I have been sabotaging my body too much to really be able to enjoy it. My sugar consumption is abominable. And I think it is making me irritable, forgetful and headache ridden. My goal for the next few weeks is to reign that in a bit so I can feel good and enjoy my favorite time of year. Plus who wants diabetes to be their 36th birthday present? 

We do have the Thankful tree up, though I was a few days late. Some Halloween doodads were scored at Target for 70% off and are now awaiting departure to the attic. Christmas shopping (and carol listening- don't judge) has commenced. Thanksgiving menu planning slides into priority number one right now. Well, after my health.

Adam and I are looking forward to seeing the new Fantastical Beasts movie soon. Date night! 
Savanna attended her second Pokemon tournament and scored her first win.
Scarlette overflows with joy from her school research projects and friendships at the moment. They have these cafes where the kids display their work and all walk around leaving comments on a sheet of paper next to the students' work. She enjoys reading what her friends write.

How is your November unfolding? Do you have a sweet tooth you battle? Any fun plans brewing?


  1. I do have a sweet tooth, and my Mt Dew consumption has skyrocketed again after being pretty good for a while. I love my chocolate too.

    Yay for both of your girls! Scarlette's going to be a Facebook or Instagram junkie, wanting to see comments left for her. Hehe! (I can

    I'm excited for both holidays too. I haven't started listening to Christmas music yet but it's been fun to hear it in stores recently.

    November is pretty good for me so far! As you know, getting the craft room going has been my fun thing these days. =)


    1. Yes. Chocolate is a huge weakness. And ice cream. And candy and cereal and about a billion other things with way too much sugar. I can avoid sodas and sweet tea and such. I love my water. But coffee does it too with all the flavored creamers.

      Thanks! I didn't even think about that but you are right about the comments. She loves to text her aunts and Adam and enjoys chatting on the phone. She will be one who enjoys social media for sure. Savanna likes YouTube but prefers to play outside much more.

      Yay!! It will be a good Thanksgiving and a nice Christmas. I just know it.

      I saw you posted about your craftroom. Can't wait to head over and read it on your blog!