Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lush: The Night Before Christmas (Twilight!)

It has been a long time since I have posted anything new from Lush. I have used up all but one giant shower gel of Rose Jam from my Boxing Day hauls last year. I am out of bombs, melts and bubble bars and all those Yuletide goodies. On a recent trip to the mall Adam asked if there was anything from Lush I wanted. Twilight pinged in my brain. And there was only one gift box that had Twilight in it...

The Night Before Christmas is $15.95 and houses an UBER mini Twilight shower gel and a pot of Sleep hand and body cream that carries the same Twilight scent. I thought $16 wasn't too bad (thinking it had the 3 ounce small shower gel) but it is even smaller than that. It is 2 ounces. 

The wrapping is cute. I love the touches like that. Makes these boxes perfect for gift giving.

It has been far too long since I have had Twilight shower gel in my life. The last time I had it, the gel was full of silvery glitter and was a truer shade of purple. This one leans more burgundy or merlot with no glitter to be seen. Still the same great lavender and vanilla musk with light floral tones. 

Sleepy smells just as amazing and has a nice consistency and emollient properties. 

I do think $16 is a bit steep for the little squirt that is the shower gel but if any are left over for Boxing Day I will try and get them for half price. 

I placed two orders from Lush UK recently. You can't beat the exchange rate. One was a gift and the other was for Hot Toddy. Do you like Twilight? What is your favorite Lush scent? Will you grab anything from the Boxing Day sale this year?

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