Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bath & Body Works: Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

It's that time of year. A candle (or two!) is lit and flickering cheerily somewhere about the house just about every day. Bath & Body Works has been having a few good sales, combined with coupon (I must say I HATE this weird "Did the coupons come together?" thing where I can't get my free item with my discount any longer) so I took the plunge and adopted a few candles here and there. First up is Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla.

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla- Notes: Fresh ground cinnamon, sugar crystals, Tahitian vanilla bean.
A simple scent, no doubt, but heavy on the down home feel. And that is just the type of ambiance I like at Christmas time. Heavy on the creamy marshmallowy vanilla and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. It almost reminds me of Marshmallow Fireside where the smoke is substituted with cinnamon sugar. The flames were sturdy fellows, it pooled to the edges nicely and the throw was medium in my living area. 

I melted this one clean through and would buy it again if I can catch it on the $8.95 candle day on the 2nd of December. 

Are you lighting any candles in your home? Did you buy any of the $5 single wicks? I grabbed several to add to Christmas gifts this year. 


  1. We have our Peppermint Twist candle from 719 Walnut Ave. burning each evening now that it's the Christmas season. It's being a little bugger, weak flames, some tunneling, weak waxy scent. Bleah! Might have to ditch it and switch to the pine one.

    I don't have any BBW candles on hand. They never seem to throw very strong in this house. But heck, the usually great 719's are failing too so maybe I should go ahead and try BBW again?!


    1. Oh boo. That sucks (donkey balls??). I would burn it just for ambiance but I might burn another beside it for scent.

      I am loving the throw on the few I have melted this season. I am burning Fireside right now and it is a champ. I should send you a candle just to make you use it. :-)

  2. I just bought 12 at the sale this past Saturday and I'm hoping that they are going to preform well. I've heard mixed reviews over this past year from people. Some saying they got strong throw with a great burn while others state terrible burn and no throw.
    Guess we will see. The last few I burned through the past few weeks from last year preformed phenomenally and had me cave to go in for more this year.

    1. OOOoooooo! 12?! Nice!!! I think it depends on the scent. The ones I gravitate towards tend to be good throwers. I haven't really had a dud yet this year in the ones I picked. I hope yours do well for you! At the very least they were on sale and will look pretty and festive!