Thursday, November 16, 2017

Melting Basket 110

The Halloween wax I loved from the last basket and would happily purchase again included: MooScents The Rumpkin (if they ever come back), The Bathing Garden Haunted Hayride, Dessa's October, all the Lasting Scent Candles scents and CFTKR Pumpkin Lager and Full Moon if it ever comes back.

Beezy- Pumpkin Caramel Swirl
Beezy- Cider Lan
Beezy- Pumpkin Sugar Donuts (melted this already and it was incredible, threw strong, smells great)
Vintage Chic Scents- You'll Never Walk Alone
Dessa's- Pumpkin Farm
Dessa's- Pumpkin Wreath Woods
CFTKR- Butternut Pumpkin
CFTKR- Sugared Amber and Plum
CFTKR- Orange Clove
Rosegirls- Wisconsin Woods
Sniff My Tarts- Marshmallow Fireside/Toasted Marshmallow/Graham Cracker/Fireside

If you would like any of these reviewed just give me a holler. 

November. What are you doing to me? The highs of traveling with the lows of illness. I brought an ear infection back with my from New York City. This is easily the busiest week at work yet. I am pumped for the holidays but not checking off that list like I normally do. And I am looking at the date and going "how the heck is November already more than half over?!" 

I am drowning myself in books as of late before my courses start back up. I devoured A Green and Ancient Light and now I am deep into Murder on the Orient Express. Stranger Things 2 is on the tube when Adam and I get a chance to watch an episode. Just finished the 9th Chapter tonight. Boy howdy. 

What are you asking for the holidays this year? Any wishes on your list?


  1. Did you cry? I cried, and then laughed, and then hugged myself, and then cried some more. Is there anything cuter than a middle school dance? And Steve Harrington, I love you (and your fabulous coif) so, so much. I hope you loved it.

    1. I did cry. The first glance. They drew it out and made it so magical. I kinda want to go back and re-watch it. Also cried about Bob. How nice is it that the second season has pretty much been awesome? I was worried but I am happy.