Wednesday, November 8, 2017

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.: Fall Purchase

I mentioned picking up a couple more goodies from Tiggy at FuturePrimitive not so long ago. It wasn't a large order but it hit the sweet spot. 

I have greatly enjoyed catching Tiggy live filming on her IG stories from time to time. One of those videos showcased her whipping up a batch of Bath Milk Tea and and it had me jonesing for a bit more of that in my bathing ritual. And The Gloaming is a dreamy scent to experience in that format. 

The Gloaming features a cold wind, snow, campfire and marshmallows. It is breathtaking in the wax formula and just as divine in the Bath Milk Tea. It truly smells of a chill late autumn or early winter twilight where bonfires roar and sweets provide a cozy nightcap. The Bath Milk Tea dissolves beautifully in the warm placid waters and creates a milky and fragrant mineral bath that relaxes and soothes both the mind and body.  

Mama Didn't Listen So I Told The Bees is a soap I have enjoyed and used before and with Tiggy's new bar design I couldn't resist grabbing one again. The notes include blossom honey, cedar hives and local meadow flowers. I do adore the springy freshness of this multilayered beauty. The meadows and flowers nod white and yellow crowns of orange blossom, neroli, daisy and jasmine. There are unripe lemons and wild oranges peeking behind the blossoms. I cannot wait to use this to usher in spring.

Look at this gorgeousness. I almost hate to chop it up... but I know how amazing a treat it will be in the shower and know it will be well worth it. 

What are you bathing with? Are you plotting or pondering any winter releases for bath and body?

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