Monday, November 13, 2017

Solstice Scents: Fall Part II Release

When Angela at Solstice Scents releases bath salts... I am there with bells on. But let me back up a minute and let us enjoy the lovely experience that is opening up a fall release from Solstice Scents. Look at those colors. The wee putka pods, moss and twigs. I love it all. 

The cards and handwritten notes are always a pleasure to keep and tuck away. 

I had three scents in my cart but one hopped out so I ended up with Foxcroft and Wail of the Banshee. The bath salts were $10 each with a shipping of $12. 

Foxcroft is a scent I know and love from Solstice Scents.

Angela paints with notes in a very real sense. Skeletons of leaves, bones breaking, the husks of chloroplasts shattering, rain on the dank humus below. This trembling copse on the outskirts of a quaint New England village lays its leaves to rest one after the other in the eucalyptus breeze. A rickety wooden rail fence lines the rutted road, pointing splintered fingers towards town and the chimneys casting smoke clouds into the grey sky. Take one last whiff of the tiny wood before stepping toward Foxcroft. The blonde mahogany and birch will linger, a farewell kiss on the flesh.

These were my thoughts on the scent in the past and I feel the same today. 

I love using the Dead Sea Salt Milk Bath. I usually get about 3-4 baths from each 8 ounce tub. The salts and essential oils nourish the skin and relax the muscles. It makes for a fragrant and uplighting bathing ritual.

Wail of the Banshee is an earthy aquatic fragrance. Moss and woods, cedar and ocean mist all hover of the bath waters when this is poured in. Moody, atmospheric and evocative, this cast a haunting spell that whispers of places long forgotten, coastlines long unexplored and the murky waters that bleed like veins between brine filled waters and brackish swamps. I absolutely swoon over it.

Sea of Gray- Notes: Vanilla rain, saltwater, seaweed, ambergris, white amber, toasted seashells, white sandalwood, frangipani.
If you have ever wondered what it smells like to go beach-combing during an overcast chilly gloomy morning... this opening is it. As a Floridian who have hunted seashells for countless miles during all types of weather and on both sides of the coast from Gulf to Atlantic, panhandle to the keys, this captures that aroma. That feeling. Sandy mineral laden seashells crunching and grinding beneath the soles of my feet, shapes of corkscrews and sharks' eyes, full moons and teepees, the pastel rainbow of a pearlescent sheen glowing or colors so vibrant as to mock the sunset that they reflect every dusk. Iodine and salt and that tell tale sign that something alive and marine used to dwell within the miniature castle of calcium carbonate lingers in the opening as well. Vanilla washes up on the shoreline in foamy scuds on the crests of lapping waves. The grit of sand and shells never leaves completely but the vanilla slowly piles up to form the heart of the scent.  

Sea of Gray has stolen this mermaid's heart. 

What are you bathing in this fall? Have you ever smelled a perfume that took you to a specific place or time? 


  1. I feel like Solstice is a vendor best suited to the Fall - that gorgeous box is proof of that! Fall and winter (thinking of my beloved Snowmint Mallow here.) I love those little personalized cards, too - always fun to stuff in a book and run across months or years later. Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Angela does do fall extremely well. I must say Sea of Gray really curled my toes for summer even though it would wear on a chilly gloomy beach day in the winter just as wonderfully too. Glad you are still loving your Snowmint Mallow! I am crushing mega hard on her Vanilla Pipe Tobacco. I cannot get enough of it and layer it with everything.