Sunday, November 26, 2017

CHI Candles: Candles for Book Lovers

These candles were provided free from CHI Candles for reviewing purposes. All opinions my own.

CHI Candle is a husband and wife owned candle company based out of California. CHI prides itself in using domestically grown soy in its wax formula as well as environmentally friendly wicks and high quality fragrance oils. Their candles come in a nice array of fresh, herbal, woodsy and floral scents. The Mason jar line has a nice variety of bakery and holiday scents too. I was contacted specifically about their bookish line that comes in vintage looking apothecary glass jars with stoppers.

There are currently four scents in the book line and they contain 8.5 oz of wax for $20.00. The candles shipped beautifully with care and attention to detail. The bookmarks are a nice touch.

New Books- Notes: Crisp pages, ambered glue, fresh ink and a touch of cedarwood and driftwood.
I am not sure what wizardry is at work here but this scent smells just like a new book, spine perfectly intact, pages crisp like new dollar bills and ink still gleaming on the pages. The papery bark of trees filters through and the cedarwood and driftwood meld beautifully. Honestly, there really is no better description than new books. It took only about one hour to form a nice pool of wax to the sides and I was unsure how it would burn given the shape of the jar, but it did fantastically! Now the big news... it throws perfectly. I don't always have the best luck with soy candles but I put this one through the wringer (aka I melted it in my living room with cathedral ceilings) and I could smell it all through out the main areas of the house. I would say medium-strong in a large area and strong in a smaller one. Weaker candles tend to make it to my nightstand but this bad boy is living right in the great room. I love it. 

Old Books- Notes: Aged paper, aged leather, wooden bookshelves and sandalwood.
This is yet another life-like rendition of its namesake. Old Books does have a soft musty, dusty atmospheric aroma of woods, paper and old crumbling leather. Rather than blowing the dust off of an ancient grimoire, I almost feel like I am walking into the underbelly basement of an old time antiquarian store where opening the creaking door and holding the candle aloft reveals a veritable forest of grimoires lining the bowed shelves. If you like the aroma of vintage leather and dusty sandalwood, transparent vellum and brittle parchment, this is the scent for you. I, for one, am one of those bibliophiles who appreciates just that. Again, the throw is medium-strong in a large, high ceilinged room and easily strong in a smaller room. 

After enjoying both of these candles I will have to say I am smitten and look forward to trying "Bookstore" which adds espresso to the bookish scents. I will say, if you do try them, be careful to not plug the stopped too tight while it is lit. The vacuum effect makes the stopped suck in even more and it can be difficult to remove. The stopper and the containers are both glass and very high quality. 

Do you like bookish scents? If you could create your perfect "book" themed fragrance what would you include? Mine might be a study where the books and polished wood shelves are joined by mahogany, pipe tobacco and a fireplace, and a candy dish of Werther's Originals.


  1. How cool! My first thought was that it wouldn't throw because, yeah, the shape of the jar, that narrow neck. But it works, huh? Maybe that little opening actually funnels a more concentrated blast of scent upward? hehe

    Fun, fun, fun!


    1. I thought that as well at first. The opening is tiny. But it works. You could totally be right. Works like a scented megaphone. <3

      You KNOW I love my bookish things and strange "Julie" scents and these fit the bill.

  2. Gorgeous! And how perfectly did the scents work out? They sound right up your bookish alley. Enjoy!

    1. They are very pretty! The lids even have a riased "250ml" on the top. Very cool. These warm my bookish heart.

  3. Interesting decanters, it's nice to see a bit of something other than the same old jars. That little, absent minded googly-eyed reader logo is a cutie, but somehow I'm not sure the labels fit in with the rest of the style. I'm sure it's a challenge to get everything just so. But oh old books, and new books, I live among those scents and hope they never fade away. Total book sniffer here!

    1. I thought they were unique and eye catching. It is nice to know they work too. You DO get the pure bliss of working and living and breathing among those bookish scents every day. <3 Though maybe after being around them all day you would want a break from the aromas at home? Hope you have a great weekend, Jay.