Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mianra Artisan Bath & Body: Soap

My sweet friend Jean gifted me these amazing soaps after telling me about them recently. Mianra soaps are handcrafted in Cork, Ireland. Soaps run 6.95 Euros or $8.11. Mianra soaps are cruelty free and feature high quality ingredients, made in the cold processed fashion. 

The boxes are modern and simple but stylish. 

Jean gifted me bars scented in Pomegranate and Amber & Plum. 

Pomegranate is drop bead gorgeous and has a surprisingly musky tone of rich resinous amber and rosewood. A little friction brought forth bubbly suds and it was a dream to bathe with. No reside, abundant fragrance and a texture as smooth as sea glass.

Amber & Plum possesses a velvety smoothness that whispers woods and resin with just a shadow of dark plum skin that is as glassy smooth as a polished stone. It was just as much of a joy to bathe with as Pomegranate. I love both of these scents as an easy transition from summer into fall. 

I love both of these scents to the hilt. They smell sensual and polished and very much upscale. These are fruity soaps but more like perfumed interpretations of the fruits and I like that. 

Mianra also creates and sells bath salts, bath bombs, liquid soap and perfume oils among other items. I will be looking into making a purchase of my own here soon. 

What scents are you craving right now? What are you using to get clean?

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