Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fatty's Soap

Fatty's Soap Co. is owned and ran by Heather Rai out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Heather has a store in Etsy and creates natural and fragrance oil scented soaps as well as wax brittle, tinted lip balms and perfume, shampoo and solid lotion. My friend Jean shared the love of Fatty's to me in the form of these naturally scented soap samples. Thank you, Jean! 

Tea Tree comes scented with tea tree oil and an activated charcoal soap, which I love. Charcoal not only colors the soap and gives is a beautiful texture but it also lends a hint of creosote aroma. This sliver has clays, oats, aloe and butters and is cold processed. It lathers easily with friction and is a dream to bathe with. The soap feels velvety with a subtle nap that pulls at the fingers like a micropile, I just want to keep rubbing it between my fingers. I will be back for this one.

Unmentionable blends myrrh, lavender and tea tree essential oils with copious amounts of luxe butters like cocoa, mango and shea to make a gorgeous soap. Herbal and resinous, natural and precious, the aroma feels regal and fancy but clean and earth derived. It has a sunny lemony tone to it and I love it. This is her best seller and I see why. It is smoother than the Tea Tree above but bubbles and froths just as well. 

Ylang Ylang boasts all natural ingredients and essential oil too. Its blushing rosy hue comes from French pink clay and Australian red reef clay. The ylang ylang emits a heady narcotic perfume that smells tropical and earthy to my nose. It has green sharpness, buttery jasmine indoles and an earthen vetiver shadow. It is sultry. Another beautiful formula that lathers luxuriously. 

All these soaps rinse cleanly with no residue or tightness. They leave the skin feeling like the sheerest silk stocking. A full sized bar of these soaps run $6.00. I did pick up some wax brittle, a lip balm and a soap from Fatty's after trying these out. I will be back for more soap from Heather for sure. 

Any Etsy treasures unearthed lately? What is in your shower or beside your tub?

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