Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: House of Epicurus

My sister Darby and I had an open Monday so we took the girls to an oddity store in Ybor City called Dysfunctional Grace Art. It was everything we could have wanted and more. There were bones and skeletones of various species, taxidermy and haunted portraits, herbs, crystals and bugs, strange medical equipment and curios from around the world. There was also a jewelry case. 

The House of Epicurus is touted as "jewelry made for wizards" and is run out of Tampa by Laura Sefkow. Laura silversmiths amazing pieces, many of them vaginas, and some really cool stone, skull and raptor talon pieces. She mostly sells her work through Dysfunctional Grace, where I saw the ring above gleaming in the case. I had been desiring an open band ring for ages but had not landed on the right one. Until this fortuitous Monday. 

This silver handmade ring features onyx and jade stones with abstract design. It is easily adjustable and wears like a dream. It was $90. 

I will be back to Dysfunctional Grace. Savanna left with a Spinosaurus tooth but wants a raptor claw necklace (not an actual claw but a cast of one). Scarlette left with some stones and gems. I left with the ring and some bugs and a glass box. I left the tiny hanging bat but hopefully he will still be there waiting on me to bring him home. 


  1. An oddity store sounds fun. The juxtaposition of the stones and silver is lovely, I almost forgot about open band rings, I have a dainty simple version gifted from a friend but would love to find another. Hope to see this shine on your hand sometime!

    1. It really was fun! Darby and I have since went in another one but it was way spooky and gave us a bad vibe so we high tailed it out of there. But Dysfunctional Grace is cool. I have always wanted an open band but never came across one I could afford and loved. I like that the size changes if you need it to. Very handy and cute.