Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Witch Baby Soap: Bath Bombs

Told ya there would be more Witch Baby coming. I picked up five bath bombs. There are a few Life Flower bath bombs left but I tend to save those for when my period is slamming me. These are my fun time bath bombs. 

Candy Quartz- Notes: Pink cotton candy. $10
This is my kind of cotton candy. It has a bite of chewy vanilla tonka to it along with the candy floss. There is a rose quartz inside this bath bomb. The pink mica shimmer is beautiful on this bath bomb and happily it does not create a glitter bomb. This beauty fizzed energetically and made the waters smell like the most delicious sinister cotton candy. The crystal quartz inside revealed itself to be in the shape of a heart and is the cutest dang thing ever. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat.

Psychic- Notes: Amber and lavender essential oil. $7.75
This is a repurchase for me. I quite enjoyed it the last time I had it. Amber that runs more musky than resinous, paired with calm lavender vanilla. 

Dragon's Blood- Notes:Dragon's blood resin. $8
A light floral dragon's blood that floats about with incense and carnations. I believe that is a quartz embedded in the top, or it could be a citrine... I can't really see it that well yet until I use it. 

Blood & Milk- Notes: Blood orange and coconut. $6.50
A smooth coconut milk with powdery light flowers echoing behind the tropical creaminess. Not too much orange on cold sniff but it does lend some depth.

Death- Notes: Blood red apples. $8
Dried MacIntosh apples. This bath bomb made an incredible bath experience. The yellow and black coffin exploded into a frothy maroon explosion once it hit the water.

It made for a fun bath that I would love to experience again. 

I look forward to using the rest of these over the summer. 

What are some of your favorite bath bombs?


  1. What?! That coffin one is so cool, I love the kind of awesome, kind of icky suds it dissolves down into - very appropriate for the Halloween season. :)

    1. It is!!! Apples and death and bloody maroon waters in a coffin shape? Totally spooky cool. I hope they have them in stock closer to Halloween.

  2. Psychic is my favorite bomb, Julie!! Loooove it! Curious to know what you think!

    1. I LOVE IT! The lavender is sweet but a touch herbal and it makes me swoon. I used it last night. Adam wasn't too happy it had some glitter in it but I didn't mind it. It didn't stick to me so that is nice. It was my second time purchasing that particular bomb and I will be back for more.