Monday, July 2, 2018

Ten Digit Creations: RTS Haul

Remember I told you I placed a bigger Ten Digit Creations order a week or so ago? I finally had a whole day to tinker around with taking photos and getting some posts done. Whooohoooo! So here is some more wax! These are all from the RTS section at Ten Digit Creations. I went through each listing and threw into the cart whatever blends looked like something I would enjoy. Or sounded cool based on the name. Yeah, I judge a scent by its name. Or a book by its cover. Shame on me. 

But look at this SKULL!! He is gigantic by the way. He is 6 ounces of goodness for $6.75. You can get him in any scent you choose but I was aiming for RTS like I said, so mine is scented in Haunted Soul/Pipe Tobacco/Vintage Vanilla. Which just happens to smell dead sexy. The Vintage Vanilla gives it a sweet powdery vibe that is delicious against the urbane tobacco and clove spiced woods. It smells like the study in Downton Abbey.

These cubes are duo packs that contain two chunks each of two different scents for a total of 2.75 ounces of wax for $3.20. 

Gypsy Magic and Pipe Tobacco always make a beautiful pairing. Since these are in the same bag they are hard to tell apart but I would melt them together anyway. 

Sugared Pralines and Cinnamon French Toast make up the other duo bag. This one is easier to separate as the light brown is the Sugared Pralines which has a creamy brown sugar aroma. Almost like a caramel coffee creamer. The Cinnamon French Toast is the darker reddish brown and is a wonderfully spicy cinnamon bakery. These will melt perfect together.

A chunky 2.5 ounce daisy in Rosemary Mint/Rosemary Pepper/Sandalwood for $2.95 joined the order. It is a great rosemary blend for sure. The minty aspect takes a backseat to the peppery woods. It remains fresh and herbal, though with some nice virility behind it.

Chunk wax melts in a heart and flower shape tagged along as well. These guys run at least 2 ounces and cost $2.35 each. 

Garden Mint/Hippie Hippie Shake/Winter Patchouli was a scent I got as a sample recently and I quite liked it. The herbal greenness of the fresh mint leaves balance the earthy patch really well. 

Blue Sugar/Lavender Teak/Gypsy Magic contains three things I love in spades. Blue Sugar and I have went through many ambivalent days in the past. Sometimes I would love him and other times reject him or out right ignore him. But we are hot again. I love the wooden anise and strange herbal sweetness of him. Add lavender, teak and the spicy charms of Gypsy Magic and I am a happy camper. I kinda want to rub this on Adam when he sleeps. It has that kind of appeal. 

A six pack of runts (which are brilliant for blending if that is your thing) weighs about 3 ounces and cost $3.30. These are scented in a blend Amber made called St. James Place, which takes lavender sandalwood and chocolate orchid and adds my kryptonite- blackberry frankincense. It is brilliant. Polished and elegant. The notes all create this sweet dark berried tobacco accord that I am weak in the knees over. 

Free samples in fun shapes! I know I usually do my freebies at the end but I am being wild. Or lazy. Ok. I am being lazy. I don't want to move the photo to the bottom. So sue me. 

Mediterranean Avenue comes in tall camel boots and smells similar to those watery aquatic notes in cactus and sea salt, aloe and some bamboo blends. 

A bright red brain in  Blue Spruce/Ozark Forest/Pine Needles possesses the evergreen hues of an old fashioned Christmas tree lot. I love it. Creepy. And I love it.

A wee smiling lion is fragrant of Bergamot Spice and it smells divine. Aged citrus peels with a woody edge. I want to blend with this. My nose demands it. Maybe with evergreens? 

The ice cream and cake come in California Dreamin' which takes that lovely scent of Baja Cactus blossom and adds a shot of pink sugar and a dribble of lavender. It's beautiful.

I also picked up scent shots. When ever I buy scent shots that are less than 2 ounces I like to get two so I can melt them in tandem in the kitchen and living room. These are 1.5 ounce cups and run $1.75 each.

Practical Magic- A blend of black magic, nag champa and witch's brew.
I have been meaning to read this book for some time. Maybe I will melt this when I finally pick up the book. I am a sucker for anything by Alice Hoffman. I loved the movie. Rabbit trails much? Back to the scent... it is lovely. Blackest patchouli brewed with dark syrupy spices is joined with the earthy floral tang of nag champa incense. I would happily bathe in this aroma. It is practically magic.

Smoke on the Water- A blend of ocean, sea moss and campfire.
A misty gray fog slinks over the shore but a cheerful beach bonfire built of driftwood and teak keeps the chill away. Salty, smoky and a touch rugged with the moss and woods. Pure magic. Need more.

Pine Needles are pretty much just that.
Pine needles with a touch of an ozonic snow tone. Maybe some chilled stone. 

Cupcakes at Tiffany's- Notes: Sweet buttery notes with toffee, chocolate, and slightly fruity buttercream in a creamy, fluffy vanilla cake. 
I am out of the wax world loop with the exception of being in one wax Facebook group, The Melt Gala. I really enjoy that group, everyone is so nice. But anyway, I don't really know what is hot and not any longer but apparently Cupcakes at Tiffany's is the "it" scent for the moment. On cold it is a bit too chocolatey for my tastes, but the toffee and caramel like cake comes through. I split this in half and melted it in two warmers and it throws strong. The chocolate dilutes itself and just lends some richness to the scent. It really is a killer bakery scent without being too bready or overly sweet. I can see why it is popular right now. It is bakery on steroids. 

Pink Coconut, Sandalwood and Marshmallow is pretty self explanatory. 
This is a creamy smooth coconut that melds wonderfully with the sandalwood, giving it a golden brown toasted vibe. I have had this blend before and know I like it but it was in the old formula and this new formula throws like a champ so I am back to revisit it. It didn't disappoint. It threw medium-strong to strong in the living room and kitchen area. 

He Said She Said- A blend of Pink Sugar, Blue Sugar and Peppermint Noel.
I have been in a bit of a love affair with Blue Sugar again so I was thrilled to see this blend offered. On cold the peppermint note is very tame but the pink and blue sugars are blended wonderfully. 

Psychedelic Dreams- A blend of lavender patchouli, pink patchouli and patchouli mint.
This is a clean and fresh patchouli, the green herb still growing tender. A piney lavender note is joined with the soft sweetness of sugar and makes this a pretty scent. Nothing head shop about this at all. 

Haunted Soul- Notes: Woodsy myrrh, lavender, clove, patchouli and musk.
A gothic dream. This is the scent of Elvira's boudoir. A dying clove cigarette in an antique silver ashtray sends up spiced smoke that entwines with incense that burns in the same dish. Lavender sachets impregnate black lacy undergarments. The final bedtime ritual to stoke the fires of passion is to anoint the collarbones with decades old patchouli oil. This scent smolders and coils into a delicious dark fantasy.

As usual I am stoked about my Ten Digit Creations order. Amber is having a 4th of July sale, $4 off $40 orders. I am liking the randomness of popping in every now and then to pick up whatever RTS floats my boat. TDC CYO (create your own) scent blending is fun too. I am sure I will be using Haunted Soul and Cupcakes at Tiffany's in some things soon.

Have you ordered from Ten Digit Creations?


  1. This is a biggie and a beauty, well, I'm a little creeped out by the skully guy. If it wasn't close to the size of an actual human skull, perhaps. I'm not a wuss, honest, but that toothy grin and I swear his eyes are following me down the page. So quick comments then I'm outta here.
    I have ordered TDC, but not the new gorgeous sounding formula-when I do I'll be using your posts as an encyclopedic resource as it seems, w/Amber's blends especially-we are all about the same scent notes.

    Rosemary Mint/Rosemary Pepper/Sandalwood sounds divine, more-so because the mint takes a backseat-woohoo, is it hard to find a mint that doesn't overwhelm everything. This will be a definite. As for chocolatey Cupcakes at Tiffany's hmmm, chocolate is almost always a no, but I bet I could cook up something to compliment that wouldn't give me a toothache. Good to hear the Melt Gala is nice peeps, I see so much secondary information people post/complain about depicting the facebook wax drama, not my idea of a chill hobby. Enjoy the earthy goods:)

    1. Hahahahaaa!! He is pretty darn huge. I love the color and detail on him. It will be... interesting... to dice him up. :-)

      I am very happy with the rosemary mash up. It would be perfect for you! I was very skeptical about Tiffany's. Especially on cold sniff. But it melted really nicely.

      Yeah. I really try to evade all the wax drama and I do a pretty good job of it, because I am not in hardly any general wax groups. You guys are my wax groups and that is just fine with me. Just point me to the good smelly stuff.

  2. Woah mama, that is one big, malevolent-looking skull! I've been so, so off my wax ordering that I always forget I want to try TDC again, it's just been ages. Your pictures look so great, glad you got a bit of time to tinker around with bloggy photos, old school (takes so much time) styles. :)

    1. He is pretty darn big. He likes leering at me. I will have to take a knife to him soon. He really is cool though. Perfect for Halloween scents.

      Thanks! I really love summer time. I get to step back from normal duties and really dive into more creative endeavors. Sometimes.