Monday, December 10, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Arrok Hand Necklace

I know I just featured Nicole from Arrok last week, but hey. She rocks. Plus she is restocking several of these dainty hands necklaces in her shop today so I wanted you to see them. I don't recall the exact price on these since I purchased mine privately but I do remember that it was a hair under $100. 

It is a mixed metal creation with silver and a tiny glowing garnet. I simply love how easy it is to wear and the meaning that can be applied to it.

I wear mine at least once a week, it has become a fast favorite. Nicole is releasing a simpler version with a moonstone and without the crescent moon as well as a burning heart hand that is lovely. 

Do you wear necklaces? If you do, do you like dainty or statement?