Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Riddle's Tea Shop Quarterly: Deatheaters' Tea Club

Yeaaaaahhhhhh. I am way behind on this one. But whatevs. Still showing it. Riddle's Tea Shop released a Halloween and then a holiday Deatheater's Tea Club box and then one more Auror Tea Society box for Christmas. I did get all three as they are the last quarterly boxes Riddle's is doing for a little while. These boxes were $42 and included teas, art, a coaster, a candle and more. All themed around the thinning of the veil.

A decaf tea flavored in Vanilla Pumpkin Chai and named Merope's Embrace emerged from the box. Merope Gaunt, the mother of Tom Riddle, led a melancholy life so her embrace may be a despondent one. I have not sipped this one yet but I am sure it will be delish. 

An enamel pin and wooden planchette coaster both slithered from the box with spells and symbols and all sorts of reptilian alchemy imbued upon them. 

Two tin canisters housed a few bags of various flavored black teas. One was a spiced blackberry tea that tasted amazing.

What I enjoy about Riddle's teas is that they taste delicious enough that no sugar or milk is needed. 

A Voldy tarot card lurked about the box as well, along with a tiny amethyst crystal and some pyrite. 

I am coming to love these Tookish Candle Company candles. I keep stalking their store to see if they will be restocking any time soon. 

I will see if I get around to showing the Christmas boxes. The Auror one was Holiday on the Hogwart's Express with cheery reds and golds in a classic Christmas theme and the Deathearter's box was an 80's prom/formal holiday dance with teals, pinks and purples. They both contained some gems in there like hilarious pins, tea towels and even ornaments. 

Do you drink tea? What are some of your favorite tea getting places?


  1. There is is in all it's dark glory! I enjoyed the elements of this box very much, your photos capture it well too. However, I must say that I'm underwhelmed with the DETC final Winter box, I'm not into the theme, nor can I get past the fact that the HP world from the books was set during the 90s, making the 80s theme out of place but I guess it's not as iconic a time period to draw from? The Hogwarts express box sounds utterly perfect for Christmas though, I saw your Mad-eye moody pin but didn't realize it was from RTS, I hope that one is released in the store too, it's so cheeky, I love it.

    1. Girl. I feel the same. That last box was missing Slughorn's Tea so I had to email her. She shipped it quickly, which was nice. But then I noticed the chai tea and the other tea had the same exact tea notes on the back so a mix up there and I don't know which one was which so I am not even going to blog it. Plus the glasses were hokey and I didn't care for the ornaments. I did like the Auror one much more since the pin and tea towel tickled me and the feel was cohesive and true to the Wizarding World magic. You are totally right about the 80's prom vibe. It was... strange. But not even Lestrange. That doll thing was weird too. Ah well. It was rushed I think. She seemed ready to be done with the boxes.