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Sihaya & Co: The Art of Hygge

Sihaya & Co. sent this box gratis in exchange for photographs. All opinions my own.

Sihaya and Company's winter box is themed around The Art of Hygge, which even though I haven't read any of the books concerns hygge I am familiar with the term and comfort is always something I can embrace wholeheartedly. The traditional full sized winter boxes were $67 while a petite version, that lacked the perfume and whipped soap, was offered for $42.

Latherati contributed a 4 ounce body lotion in Cozy Winter ($8). "Imagine being wrapped in a cashmere blanket with a hot peppermint mocha warming your hands, a comforting vanilla dessert, the soft glow from a smoky fire in the corner and snow covered pines through frost covered windows." 
I mentioned my enjoyment of Latherati body lotions a couple times in the past and this one is just as enjoyable. A light, easily absorbed formula that doesn't feel greasy or oily is scented in what predominately smells of peppermint hot cocoa. There may be other notes at play but these two feature as the stars. I love minty scents and this is a nice one to wear before bedtime.

Lumina Noctis Hygge Lip Butter ($8.50) arrived in a dainty glass jar and holds notes of spiced winter clove, herbal lavender, dark cocoa and bourbon vanilla. I quickly fell in love with this creamy thick lip butter. It indeed feels like a gourmand butter on the lips. The notes unfold in a beautiful but unexpected ways. The herbal metallic coolness of the lavender pushes nicely into the bittersweet chocolate while the clove is warm and woody. The vanilla lies like a current of cream that all the sharper tones sink into. If this was a candle I would be in heaven. The lip butter imparts a mellow shimmer coming from its golden base. It is nourishing and luxe. If you enjoy a slippery, soft and oil based lip balm (rather than a waxy one) this one is for you. I already know I am in love. I picked some up as gifts and one more for myself. A little goes a long way so it should last a good long while.

When I saw a bar of chocolate I knew this was a true hygge box. All it needed was a quilt and a steaming cup of lansang souchong to be complete. I have not really explored the world of artisan chocolate like I have wanted to so this bar is very much welcome.

Immortal Mountain Chocolates handcrafted chocolate bar in First Frost Cacao ($5.25) nestled inside the box with its blue foil wrapper gleaming like a grown up Wonka treat. This vegan bar of chocolate is composed of Ecuadorian cacao, Vermont maple syrup, vanilla beans, black lava salt and peppermint oil. The dark chocolate bar breaks with a satisfying snap and smells of dark, bittersweet cocoa. There is a velvety grain to the chocolate that is quite lovely. It melts easily on the tongue and hints at the faintest sweetness. The peppermint imparts a coolness but never comes right out and speaks of candy canes or minty disc candies. Once in a while a tingle of salt reaches the tongue to highlight the dark chocolate. This is first and foremost a dark chocolate bar and everything else serves to lift that up. It is delicious and I already picked up a forest version.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab brewed up an exclusive concoction just for the winter box, a scent called Black Cherry Apricot Glogg and Sweet Incense ($26). "Both celebratory and cozy, this is the scent of a warm mug of muscatel, dry red wine, brandy, akvavit and bitters steeped in orange peel, cloves, fresh ginger, cinnamon, sugar, star anise, dried apricot, Luxardo Maraschino cherries, and cardamom embraced by a thick shawl of myrrh and red benzoin. 
I did not wear this one as I sent it off as a gift to a friend who simply adores cherries but from my brief experience sniffing the vial this one is a stout dark cherry with soft mulled spices and a thread of wooden incense and resins laced throughout. I have a feeling it would be a beauty for those who enjoy holiday fruits.

I was stoked to see this Whipped Soap from Haus of Gloi in the aroma Cozy Sweater ($8) since I have not been frequenting Haus of Gloi as often and I know I love Cozy Sweater. "Pale skin musk, faded perfume, Egyptian amber, softly burning nag champa incense and a fine aged vanilla."
This is lovely. The nag champa floats tenderly like the petals of delicate flowers rather than earthy and pungent like it can sometimes be portrayed. Musk feathers out the incense even further, blending it out beautifully. The whipped soap feels tacky with an emollient base that is easy to grasp and lathers into a creamy white silk. The scent is wonderfully strong and it rinses clean but still leaves the skin feeling baby smooth. It is almost like a cross between whipped soap and body cream.

Sydney Grace is a fabulous high quality artisan cosmetics creator. They were lined up to contribute an exclusive taupe shade of cream eyeshadow for the Hygge box but the California wildfires hugely impacted their production. Sydney Grace sent out various shades instead and I landed a color in Boardwalk ($8) which is a stunning metallic copper. A tiny bead of the cream applied perfectly to both eye lids. I used my finger and blended it onto my lid all over. No primer was used and it lasted all day. Granted it was a lazy day with no sweating, running around or being exposed to the elements but the lasting power was great. It didn't crease and the pigmentation pay off was stellar. 

Sihaya and Company candles are always welcome in my home. I love the scents, the label art, the burn quality and the shimmery glitter.

Courage, Comfort & Joy- Notes: Glad tidings of warmth and hope. Ligonberry, mulberry, red apple, balsam fir and cozy wintery spices. ($12)
I love the robust fruitiness of this candle. The mulberries and apples and bright red ligonberries swell with sugary tartness and crimson juices. The spices flicker like warm diffuse candlelight to warm the aroma and the fir needles translate into a melodious sugared spruce that barely breaks the surface but adds cheer.

This candle burned beautifully with a medium strong throw in the bedroom on my nightstand.

The wintery shimmer in the candle is stunning. Like a frosted winter scene. 

Sihaya & Company's owner, Chris, is currently on maternity leave as her baby is due any day now. The store is still open but she will only be shipping once a week. I believe she will eventually get back to making candles and boxes and such but right now it is time to nest. Time for comfort and finding hygge during the holidays. 

My hygge: 
- Toddles in my lap purring.
- Warm spiced tea under a quilt I made from scraps.
- Winter nights snuggled in bed with a good book, usually Adam watching videos on his phone beside me.
- Evening movies with the girls piled up on the couch.
- Twinkling lights abound both inside and outside.
- Woodwick candle crackle.
- Patchouli.
- Bubble baths with milk bath and some reading material, candles and quiet.
- Thunderstorms.

What is your hygge?

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