Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Whisper Sister Perfume

Whisper Sisters is a perfume house run by Darla. The brand name kept blinking in and out on my social media via fragrance friends so I went ahead and placed a small order. All these perfumes were in the clearance section and only $6 each. I was not looking for hand distilled, rare ingredients or wildcrafted botanicals from a $6 perfume but I was looking for a little fun and I came away more than happy.

The rollerball fragrances arrived wrapped in pages from a book and taped snuggly with washi. Savanna made mewling noises over the metal bat trinket. I can't say as I blame her.

I enjoy the simple and clear labels. One side has the scent name and perfume house name and the other has an evocative black and white image.

Black Lung mixes clove, tobacco and sugar. With notes like that I had to have it. When slathered onto the skin it releases an almost herbal and medicinal clove that is pungent and rich with nuances of anise and birch. I quite like it. The sugar helps to mold those scented traits into a dulcet experience. The tobacco plays second fiddle to the cloves, reading like a mild pipe tobacco. The cloves remain steadfast and lovely throughout the majority of the life of the scent, about 4 or so hours before fading into a soft vanillic sugar tinted with ghostly clove. I love this one for when I need a true clove fix. It is semi-retired, so if you want it, keep an eye out for it.

Frankincense Dark Cedar plays like an arid desert wind on the skin. The dry cedar kindling and sharp frankincense resin make a powerful pair. If the almost turpentine leaning aroma of cedar shavings curls your toes, consider them curled. This is the type of fragrance I love to wear to bed after slathering myself in woodsy body oils. This one is semi-retired as well.

Brigid- Notes: Galbanum, black pine, cinnamon, black opium, tonka bean and patchouli. 
 Brigid is a beauty. She bubbles up with a spiced cola fizz that brings to mind The Bathing Garden's Faded Opulence. Once the effervescent sweet resins calm, a green herbal patchouli and cinnamon bark remain. Bridig has a lighter sillage and a touch shorter longevity than the others I tried but I don't mind slathering on to make up for it. This one is a semi-retired scent so it comes and goes in availability.

Patchouli Clove is a simple yet haunting treat for a patchouli lover like me. The patch is potent and lingers with a blissful longevity of several hours. The clove initially emerges with woody sweetness but quickly gives way to the dried brown patchouli leaves only to return later in the dry down to accent the brown wooden qualities of the patchouli. This is one I wear when I don't want to think too much about my perfume but just want to enjoy it. This one is discontinued but I believe there are other scents that may be similar in her line up.

I am thrilled with my Whisper Sisters experience. These have quickly become bedtime staples and scents I reach for when I want unfettered simplicity.

Have you ever tried Whisper Sisters? Do you have any favorites? Do you wear single note scents?


  1. I am coveting the bat pin - where did you get it?

    1. The bat pin was actually a freebie in the order! My daughter scooped it up pretty fast. She liked it too.

  2. Little Ghost and Patchouli Amber are my favorites. I really need to get back into wearing my Whisper Sisters perfumes.
    I hear they age wonderfully.
    I do notice the scents really smell even greater on me as the day goes on.
    I honestly favor Solstice Scents so much, I'm pretty much wearing only those perfumes day in and day out.
    I do love indie perfume. I'm still very new into it, but every perfume house is so unique and lovely for what they create. It's kinda hard to compare them against one another. Ahh, lovely lovely perfume. <3

    1. I will have to look into Little Ghost. I am finding that I enjoy Darla's patchouli. It is pretty nice. Happy to hear they age well. Sometimes I worry about that as I have so many to use. Sometimes houses don't age all that well. Thankfully Arcana and NAVA do and they make up the majority for me.

      I do love my Solstice Scents EDPs. They always smell so lovely. I agree... I could never pick a favorite perfume house. They all do different notes and genres so differently.