Monday, December 31, 2018

Ebb & Flow: December 2018

The highs and lows of the month.

Dasein Winter

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Trees Layering Note

Body Oil:
Witch Baby Sacred Woods

Handmade in Florida Spa Time

Sihaya & Company Courage, Comfort and Joy

Ten Digit Creations Patchouli Mint

Lip Balm:
Lumina Noctis Hygge

Skin Care:
Ghoulish Delights Apparition Toner

Healing Balm:
Blood Moon Botanica Pine Pitch Salve

Way too many soft peppermint candies.

Not enough water.

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer Smith

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Hemlock Grove, Big Dreams: Small Spaces and the birbs.

A visit to the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza.

Lots of things come to mind but not sure I want to vocalize them. 

Nocturne Alchemy incense resins. I enjoyed burning them.

Jason Purifying Tea Tree Natural Deodorant

My Pop-Pop passing.

A celebratory dinner out with my friends, spending Christmas with family and a day at Universal for my birthday. Finishing the reading challenge, not buying wax this month, planting more wildflowers in the garden and seeing a goldfinch for the first time. 

How was your December? Did 2018 end on a high or low? Were you gifted any amazing goodies? Small pleasures? Small disappointments?

Wishing you and yours many blessings, good health and the forging of happy memories for 2019.


  1. 2018 has been a rough year for me, but I'm heading into 2019 with some goals in place and a better frame of mind (at least at the start, lol).

    You're going to the Mayan ruins??

    Hopefully the things you're dreading turn out not so dreadful.

    Here's to a good 2019 all around! :)


    1. GOALS!!! You know what a freak I am about goals. I love 'em. Even if I don't accomplish them.

      Yes! I am really excited. Granted, it will only be a day in Cozumel because of a cruise my husband is going on for work but I think it will be neat. A free cruise is a pretty sweet deal. I only have to pay for it by being social. LOL! That will push me out of my comfort zone and get me ready for when we move and I have to put myself out there to make new friends.

      Thank you. I hope they won't be either.

      YAY! Hoping the same for you too! <3

  2. Happy and lovely 2019 for you.
    I have a question, do you wear your perfume oils yourself, or do you use them as essence drops into water in your tealight warmes?

    1. Thank you Katerina!

      I wear my perfume oils on my skin. Once in a while I will add some to my bath water or to my hair. I have never used my perfume oils as home fragrance. Some people put the oil on some felt and wear it as a locket around their necks. Do you have some perfume oils? Who are your favorite houses? Are there any you want to try? I don't mind making a sampler for you.

    2. Thank you Julie, but that would not be beneficial for both of us, as Im in Europe and the shipping costs do not pay off :(.
      Regarding indie perfumery and wax companies I do regret sometimes, that we do not have this variety here

      I myself have 4 Perfume oils from Future Primitives, but wear them only occasionaly, which is a pitty. Must start to use them more.....

    3. Let me know if you change your mind!! I honestly don't mind.

      I do love Tiggy's creations. She has a way with scent. I wish I could visit her brick and mortar store. Maybe one day. <3

  3. 2018 was such a weird year! I'm praying for much less drama and fewer unpleasant surprises in 2019, please? Can't wait to see your photos of Chichen Itza--sounds amazing!

    1. It really was, wasn't it? I am right there with you on the less drama and strange happenings. I have hope though. The bluebird of happiness literally just perched on my door for this first time ever in my life. I am running with it.

      Thanks! It is a business cruise that Adam and I are going on for free for his job but it visits Cozumel and Grand Cayman so I am planning on taking that opportunity to visit a place I have been curious about. <3 No Senor Frogs for me... take me to a Mayan ruin any day.

  4. I think one of my best friends spent time near Chichen Itza when she honeymooned, is that anywhere near Mazatlan? I remember she and her husband diving into these crazy deep pools in the rocks that looked amazing and they explored some ruins, but I can't remember which ones. Exploring ancient ruins certainly has my history nerd radar pinging.

    1. Cool! It looks like Mazatlan is 28 hours away from Chichen Itza. It is three hours from Cozumel to Chichen Itza. I am hoping we will have time to get there and back. Fingers crossed. It sounds like she had an amazing honeymoon. Tidal pools and rock pools are so incredibly fascinating. I think there are ruins all over Mexico.

  5. Oh, I was so sorry to hear about your grandfather - it's never easy to lose someone, but you probably could have done without the extra gut punch of it happening at Christmas. Thinking of you, friend.

    1. Thank you. It has been a heart wrench. <3 Thank you for your kind words and friendship.