Friday, June 21, 2019

B. Perry Studios: Salt Soak and Rose Gold Soap

I had a mini shopping spree over at B. Perry Studios a month or so back. These two items were used daily and now are a thing of my past but I wanted to share how fabulous they were as they are still both for sale in Brooke's Etsy shop

Strawberry Lovin' Salt Soak is a treat for the bath. It contains real strawberry bits and is scented with ylang ylang essential oil and vanilla bean fibers. A tub runs $12. About 3 tablespoons is the recommended amount to use and disperse under hot running water but I am a bit of an overboard bath junkie and this lasted me three uses as I poured way more than that. It smells incredible. The dried strawberries smell just like dried fruit leather strips and mixed with the peachy ylang ylang and vanilla it made for a summery roadside market atmosphere. There wasn't much bubbling or frothing but I didn't expect any with a bath salt type of product, however, it did make for a relaxing bath salt soak.

I am a big fan of Brooke's soaps. She has definitely rocketed up into my top four soaper list along with Zahida, Tiggy and Kyme. I picked up Brooke's Pumpkin Spice line of soaps but I want to save those for closer to fall for use and review but this bar of Rose Gold was put in the shower rotation very quickly.

Rose Gold- Notes: A cocoa butter cold process body soap with red raspberry and sheer pink magnolia blooms over glowing gold resins. $10

This rich soap is made with not only cocoa butter but also olive oil, rice bran oil and lye. I like that Brooke's soaps aren't made with palm oil. This luxe mauve soap with a fine dusting of gold mica lathered beautifully, cascading frothy bubbles with minimal friction. My husband, girls and I used this whole bar up within a few weeks. It's soft amber and magnolia scent with hushed raspberry tones was a fast favorite. It rinsed cleanly without any tightness or residue but also left the skin soft and supple.

I will be picking this one up again and I did order Brooke's wedding soap and Tiger's Eye soap. By the way, the Pumpkin Spice soaps are on sale for only $5 each and all three scents are still available! I picked some up for myself and for gifts.

I still have my Abalone facial oil I would like to chat about once I start to use it, along with the Pink Pearl mud mask. Brooke has some of those left in her shop too right now. 

What bar soaps are you using? Any skin care stuff you are currently loving?

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