Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Witches' Lace

This Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scent was sold at Dark Delicacies for $26. 

Witches' Lace- Notes: Moss-green sugar spun lace dusted with mandrake root and sweet aged patchouli, dusty cedar and crushed toadstools with a cauldron splash of nightshade accord, tobacco flower, green cognac and woodsmoke... plus a pinch of ethically- harvested, naturally sourced vegan eye of newt and toe of frog. 

In the bottle this brew smells of dusty roots and aromatic wormwood. There is a dark murky musk that lingers in shades of brown and dark green in the background that is alluring. On the skin an earthen mushroom sends its powdery spores into the air like a hazy musk to drift in and out of the trunks of trees in the woods. On my skin the fragrance has a vellum and parchment aroma to it, like leather bound books, paper and adhesive with a fine coating of dust. A witch's old cottage with roots and herbs hanging from the rafters, wormwood tinctures sending their green perfume into the air and grimoires bound in age by a stone lined fireplace. The drydown is soft and powdered, subtle with its drab olive cedar and patchouli tones. 

Though this scent is sold out at Dark Delicacies, I have seen it pop up in the BPAL sales groups on Facebook.

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