Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ebb & Flow: June 2019

The highs and lows of the month.

Imaginary Authors Every Storm A Serenade

Perfume Oil:
Whisper Sisters Bastet

Witch Baby Secret Order

Face Oil:
Astrid Perfume Lotus Serum

Mianra Pomegranate

B. Perry Studio Citrine

Candles From the Keeping Room Fuji Fruit Pineapple

Bath & Body Works Smoked Birch

Sugar Kiss Cantaloups

Water and coffee and Blackberry Cucumber Le Croix

Santa Clarita Diet, The Office, Midsomer Murders

Nothing at the moment but thinking of picking a book or two for vacation. 

Havana Day Dreaming album by Jimmy Buffet

UNPACKING!!! All day. Every day. 

Being done unpacking, setting up my classroom and mostly vacation so I can unwind from the craziness and be better prepared for the new school year.

That birbs won't come visit my feeders. And perhaps starting back schooling for myself. And that the summer flies by.

Rubbermaid bins. Bubble wrap. Water. Records to make unpacking more enjoyable. And Walmart's Equate Tea Tree Shampoo in the pump bottle. 

Rubbermaids that seem to be propagating in the night. The fact that I *ALMOST* missed making this post. Swollen feet from being on them all day. The weird prepackaged chicken from Walmart that ended up with a rubbery texture when I cooked it last week.

All the money going out right now. Seeing my husband stressed about it. 

Being in our new home and making it ours. Hearing the girls laugh and play out in the pool or on the swing. Planting a butterfly garden outside the front door. Watching the Monarchs cycle through life. Visiting the cutest nurseries for plants. Having fat bookshelves to fill. Sleeping well at night because of all the hard work that day. 

How was your June? Crazy good, crazy bad or just crazy? 


  1. Don't worry, the birbs will find you! The sequel to Deliverance Dane came in earlier than expected on my library hold and I'm nearly done with it already. Similar to the first: not perfect but entertaining nerdy research suspense :)

    1. You are right!! Four did find the feeder! WhoooHoooo!! I just woke up to see a tufted titmouse snatching a few safflower kernels outside the window. I had no idea there was a sequel!!! Does it dive deeper into Connie and Sam's relationship? Does Connie develop more of her witchy talent? I found it enjoyable enough to get into and finish. I would totally be down to read the next installment. Thanks!

    2. The new one is set 10 years after the first. Connie and Sam are still together and Connie is a history professor at Northeastern trying to finish her book. The mom is living in the Milk Street house, so yes there are more family talents to be discovered! :)

    3. Ooooo! Then yep. I will be picking it up.

  2. "And Walmart's Equate Tea Tree Shampoo..." What? Wait, what?? I never would have

    June was bizarre for me and I'm still in a state of shock. July should be, better be, WILL BE a whole different ballgame though!

    I'm glad you're finally in your new home, and like I said in the previous post, I can't wait to start seeing pics of how you're making it yours. :)


    1. Hahahahaa! It was our first shopping trip here in our new home. In our old home we had a Publix supermarket one mile down the road (I even walked there once). But here we have a Walmart about 3 miles down the road and Publix is a about three times as far. So we are Walmart regulars now. While I was there I saw this ginormous bottle of pump shampoo in the tea tree and couldn't resist. I am a sucker for tea tree anything. It is so good Scarlette asked for some her her and Savanna's bathroom. You will be seeing a lot more Equate coming into the house.

      June was a big month for you. I hope you have a nice holiday weekend. Any plans? We think we might try and watch some fireworks somewhere. Or maybe even a parade.

      I saw you were showcasing some cards! How exciting! I just love your cards. I found my fall and Halloween ones I bought when I unpacked. I hope I can get them out to some friends this year.

      Thank you, Deb. Me too. It is a big load off. Everything is officially unpacked. Now I just need to organize it. I think once I paint and some of the stuff gets hung up that will help too.

    2. Cool! So you'll get to see and sniff all the wonderful fall scents in the wax offerings! Can you believe that season is just around the corner?!

      I'm getting rather fed up with my Walmart. I don't know if it's the trend in all Walmart stores or what, by the one I go to is phasing out a lot of brands and options, and going to monster sized packages of everything. I suppose it's better in the end for families but for people like my mom who is just one person and doesn't eat much and doesn't have a lot of money to spend, it sucks to have to buy the gargantuan sized box of Cheerios, etc. >:(

      We don't have any plans for the 4th. The boys will come and hang out and we'll eat some burgers/brats, maybe play Munchkin or some other games. Mosquitoes are always so bad though, that we gave up on fireworks a few years ago.


    3. I totally plan on hitting up those fall wax options.

      It is funny you mentioned the monster sized things. When we went for the first time and i saw the jumbo mayo jars and 36 count granola bars I thought I was in Sam's Club. What's up with that??? I don't like huge quantities either because I tend to vary my flavors and offerings a lot. I rarely stick with one thing for long.

      We ended up not doing anything. I just made chicken quesadillas and we watched The Office.