Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Blood Moon Botanica: Perfumes and Oil

Britton, the original founder and former perfumer behind House of Gloi, continues to release some amazing and thoughtful self care items at Blood Moon Botanica. She has settled on doing announced openings periodically instead of keeping her store open 24/7. She is trying to work out her shipping and restocking while out in the wilds of her new home.

Lavender Amber- Notes: Rare high altitude Kashmir lavender, organic local Buena Vista lavender and a base of amber accord. $18

This was created to be a calming and grounding scent to be worn as a personal fragrance or as a deodorant oil. On the skin the lavender shines. It is full-bodied and smooth, not too herbal, not too medicinal but a balance of both with a natural mellow sweetness highlighted by the amber. The lavender possesses an almost lemony bergamot brightness on the top and a camphorous evergreen tone in the heart. The base is a melding of woody lavender stems and dark labdanum. Resinous and dusky. It is a beautiful fragrance and will be worn often. I love using this as a deodorant but also as a bedtime scent or a grounding aromatherapy fragrance. If you have an affinity towards lavender, please treat yourself to this.

Summer Dreams Conceived in Winter Days- Notes: A 100% botanical blending of peach accord, lemon juice essence, calendula extract, magnolia blossom, sweet Bulgarian lavender, soft notes of sweet hay and a solid base of creamy Himalayan cedarwood. $25

I had not, up to this point, found a peach scent that I loved. Many I disliked, some I tolerated and none I loved. Until now. This is not a heavy peach or a cloying peach or a tin of syrupy canned peaches. The peach in Summer Dreams is living and embodies that one shimmering drop of nectar that spills from the lip as a juicy bite is taken. Clear. Honeyed. Light. Sunny thin slices of lemon lend a subtle tartness to the peach while the florals suggest the blossom from which the peach emerged, delicate and vulnerable. The heart reveals the meadow of lavender and apricot hued calendula. The peachy aroma is a theme that carries out through the life of the scent. In the drydown it takes on a little of the dry grassy tone of the hay. A beautiful perfume to wear this time of year. 

Saint Johns Wort Oil uses a base of sunflower oil and is infused with the yellow flowers of Saint Johns Wort. This 2 ounce bottle was $15 and can be used for aches, wounds and burns. During the past couple weeks I was dealing with what I think was a case of stress induced hives. My arms and back were killing me, itchy and welty. I went to the doctor of course, but she thought I had an allergic reaction to a bug bite and prescribed steroids and antibiotics. I don't think I was bit but I took the meds anyway. Meanwhile, my arms still bothered me. I used this oil and it helped sooth the pain and itching morning and night. I love this stuff.

My order was delayed in the shuffle of Britton moving. When I noticed it had been about a month and I hadn't received a shipping notice I messaged her. She is very sweet and easy to work with. She shipped it right away and included this flower essence too. 

This sample of English Daisy Flower Essence fuses bellis Perennis  with well water and alcohol to ease transitions and overwhelming situations. A couple drops under the tongue is recommended. I believe I should be partaking of this right about now at this point in my life. 

Britton announced that her next opening and release of product will be on June 9th. She is currently on a social media hiatus so not sure how often she will be posting what is slated to be sold but I did share her restock countdown on my IG stories. 

Have you tried any of Britton's wares from her new company? What are some of your favorites?


  1. Ahh, Lavender Amber!! <3 I want that one, but have been holding back from ordering it. It sounds wonderful. I was wondering if the amber shone through and in what way. Thank you always for your reviews. <3
    The couple things I've tried from Blood Moon Botanica have been delightful and exceeded my expectations. (Fire cider oxymel and lavender anxiety blend in particular).
    From your blogging on these beautiful more natural, herbal vendors and their goodies and my MS diagnosis, I have been actively getting back into herbal healing, learning more than I ever knew before. I feel I need to dive deeper in that way. <3
    I didn't order from Britton's last opening, but you bet I read the heck out of her emailed restock list. Lol

    1. You should try it. I think you would love it. That dry down is really something special.

      I will be on the look out for those two items. I think she is opening up today. I am starting to feel more and more like you in that way, leaning towards nature-made products. I find them to be even more beautiful and effective than the typical bath and body dreck that it out there.

      I hope you get what you want today!