Monday, November 25, 2019

Future Primitive Soap: Conditioning Shampoo Bar

My adoration of Tiggy's craft is a known thing. After many years of using her Conditioning Rinse I still laude it as my very favorite conditioner. I am now going to sing Future Primitive's praises for her Conditioning Shampoo Bar. It runs about $7 and is chock full of nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, pro vitamin B5 and plant based keratins. It lasts ages too. Tiggy states about 80 washes and I know I have been using mine since August and it is about half used after 90 days. She scents these disks in her Rook & Raven, which I adore, but it is only lightly scented so it won't interfere with a competing conditioner. I will say I love how it makes my hair feel cleansed but not dry. I have been struggling with our well water and most shampoos and conditioners are proving tricky so I just fall back on my old faithfuls. 

I used this in conjunction with Sylph and White Witch. Many days followed where my nose was buried in my curls and inhaling deeply. Very, very deeply. 

I have found myself using up many of the back up scrubs, lotions and body care items I used to have to hand. I have been weeding through my perfume oil stash and gifting many away. I will probably host another wax and perfume giveaway here soon. I know it has been a week since I have been on. Suffice it to say it was the most stressful week I have had to date. I am officially off for a week for Thanksgiving and I will be using this time to spend with my mom and the girls and Adam and anyone who stops by. I hope to lay my nose on some perfumes, melt some wax and write about some candles. I understand if you have moved on. I am going to still hang on. This platform gives me joy and I love to share the joy of fragrance. 

How have you been? What do you wash your hair with?


  1. I saw these posted on her IG and thought of you. :)

    We have well water too, very hard and cruddy well water. We tried putting one of those shower head filters on but the one we bought didn't fit or some weird thing and we never bothered to find a different one.'s always seemed like the masses who flock to every hot new hair product have good water. Whenever I've tried something that people swear by it's always been very meh for me.

    I prefer the 2-in-1 products because I'm lazy. I'm totally just wash and go. I've been using one of the Aussie shampoos (Hydration, or something like that) and the Aussie leave-in spray conditioner (because they got rid of their 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner). I don't love the results but it's better than other things I've tried.

    My sister used to absolutely love one of the LUSH shampoo bars from years ago. It was designed just for hard water and she said it was a miracle worker. They discontinued it many years ago. I've often wondered if they have some reformulated equivalent.


    1. They are really good!!!

      The hard water makes a huge difference. We have a water softening system with these fancy filters in the garage and then a huge barrel unit that spurts in tiny amounts of bleach to settle the iron but what ends up happening is that when I shower I CAN NEVER RINSE MY SOAP COMPLETELY OFF!! And it drives me bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. It messes with the shampoo and conditioner formulas too. I have very much been tinkering with my bathing routine. I am just happy TIggy's stuff still works for me. <3

      I love the smell of Aussie's products. I used to use their mousse all the time. I wish I could do a simple two-in-one but my hair is so dry and brittle and it falls out with a puff of the wind. I must condition to the hilt! I will try the leave-in spray conditioner, especially for Savanna. She have very long, thick hair and yet is sensitive headed so brushing can be a chore.

      I remember trying and loving the Lush shampoo bar but Adam hated the smell of the one I chose (for curly hair so go figures). A hard water formula sounds like a dream come true.

  2. We are so glad you're back Julie, and that you have a much needed break to write, rest, be with loved ones and surround yourself with fragrant things!

  3. I meant to reply right away when I read this the other day, but I'm forgetful as heck. Enjoy your time with family!!! <3 I'm sorry for all the stress and hope you're managing, hanging in there and it'll all melt away very very soon! <3
    I still need to try all the goodness from Tiggy, but especially her shampoo bar. I've been trying to reduce more waste as of late.
    A lot of companies (big and small) who make shampoo bars still use shoddy or not the very best ingredients in them, so I'm constantly reading labels. lol (And I'm like pretty positive Tiggy's ingredient lists are pretty stellar). I had no idea til a few months ago.. I just assumed a shampoo bar was instantly better than a bottle and that's not true. Lol Silly me. ;P

    1. Reducing waste is so hard sometimes. We stopped disposable cups and plates and silverware. We tried no paper towels and used fabric napkins I sewed but found we still needed the paper ones from time to time. I know small steps count but sometimes it feels like not enough when the time to take the trash out comes around.

      You are dead on right about the shampoo bars not always being the best ingredient-wise. My mom were looking at some recently. I am very happy with Tiggy's formula. She does a great job of being Earth friendly and health minded. And she is a wonderful perfumer too. I still long for the day I can get my grubby hands on her EDP perfumes.

    2. We're always looking to reduce waste, too. It's challenging, but doable. We've been buying big rolls of unbleached paper toweling from Amazon for awhile now. We can throw it in the compost, depending on what we used it for, so that's nice.

    3. Oh yeah, edP perfume!! Glorious! Dreaming here: what perfumes would you love to have from Tiggy? So many of her blends sound so heavenly, wonderful and perfect.

    4. Oh yeah!! Thank you!!! I am getting a compost bin for my birthday and this is a brilliant idea. I would never have thought of that.

      I want to try her wood perfume she made just for EDP but if I could have other scents she makes in EDP it would be White Witch, Sylph, Rook and Raven, The Gloaming, Shadow Show (though light spraying because that one is strong!!). Y What about you?

    5. <3 <3 Oh, yay- a compost bin!! How lovely! We just have a pile in the backyard. Lol
      Yeah, as long as the used paper toweling wasn't used for like car grease, butter, pets, cleaning with chemicals, etc, (if it's still pretty "food safe"), you can compost that unbleached, recycled type paper toweling.
      We try to use rags, reusable cloths, eco scrubber things, etc to reduce waste, but we definitely still need paper toweling here and there, too.
      I don't know what I was thinking.. I thought there was more edp selection. Lol I'm still too much of a noob to know what I'd desire in that format. Once I've worked a bit more through some body products, I'll look to finally try Future Prim. <3