Monday, November 4, 2019

Rosegirls: Halloween Sampler and Muffin Pre-Order

My sister, Lindsey, picked up some Rosegirls wax a month or so ago and her sweet little haul had me missing those sugary fall scents that I enjoy from Jenny and her crew. This was definitely a nostalgic haul. I picked up several muffins and a Halloween sampler. Each chunk muffin is around 2 ounces and runs $3.75. The Halloween Sampler was $44.

Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board- Notes: Leaves, amber, sandalwood, vanilla and toasted marshmallow.
I always think this one will be a natural hit for me, but the leaves are really clean and soapy in this. It is still very much a lovely scent but not as warm and sweet as I expect it to be. 

Apple Clove Butter, Vanilla Sandalwood and Campfire Marshmallows
This one makes my toes curl. The Apple Clove Butter is a softly spicy and sweet foil to the vanilla sandalwood. I love this scent blend.

Sweet Pumpkin Pie, Cider Lane and Marshmallow Smoothie
Cider Lane's creamy caramel heavy tones are given extra richness with Rosegirls' marshmallow smoothie blend, while the pumpkins add depth. I will happily melt this soon.

Octobers- Notes: Lavender, apples and oak, Snow White's honeycrisp.
A beautiful blend of sweet, perfumed apples and a touch of clean lavender linens. I wouldn't call this a typical fall scent and it will be just as welcome in the spring. I will probably save this one for March or so. 

Florida Key Lime Pie, Serendipity and Vanilla Ice Cream
This one is a total throw-back to the Rosegirls heyday for me. I always loved Jenny's Key Lime pie blend and the added cherry vanilla serendipity just makes it that much more delicious. I will save this one for summer time. <3

No Worries- Notes: Spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus.
How could I say no to that? Especially with cold and flu season up us. I have already been sick and Savanna has too but I am sure some more sniffles will head my way and when they do I will be armed with No Worries to clear my sinuses and lend comfort. 

Are You Ready For Some Football?- Notes: Vanilla Crunch Donuts, cinnamon, apple, citrus, peach, raspberry and clove.
This blend has intrigued me for a while. It is a tart fruity blend with vanilla bakery on the tail end and warm spice throughout. This is like eating a softly spiced danish with fruit compote baked in the middle. 

Apple Pumpkin Crunch Donuts
A sweet and creamy blend of golden apples and light pumpkin spiced with the tiniest pinch of cinnamon. This one might be my favorite of the bunch. 

Coconut Pumpkin Marshmallow Cupcakes
This reminds me of that Bath and Body Works candle that was all the rage a couple years back. A thick custardy coconut cream with dense pumpkin puree swirled in. Divine.

The Halloween sampler came in this adorable black drawstring bag that sported two huge google eyes. Most scents in the bag came with two small chunks or a 1-2 ounce shaped mold.

Butter Pecan Cake with Pumpkin Frosting
An edible smelling blend of nutty sweet bakery with a touch of cream cheese frosting scent. There is a tiny bite of something that reminds me of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles with buttermilk.

French Vanilla Latte and Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha
A powerful chocolate and coffee blend that will put hair on your chest. 

Fireside Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting
Bonfire Bliss with some vanilla laced frosted cookies. A sweet and smoky blend that I will enjoy melting.

Candy Corn Streuselkuchen
Man. I miss me some Streuselkuchen. And to top it off, it is easily the most fall-like wax chunk ever with that candy corn layering. Sweet cinnamon sugar dusted coffee cake with extra vanilla candy crunch. Top notch.

Skittles Bubblegum
Not my cuppa. Old fashioned bubble gum that comes in the yellow and blue wrappers and is dusted with powder. Pink. Ridged. Hard as a stone. That gum. 

Pumpin Carbs- Notes: Breads, donuts and cookies with pumpkin.
French baguette. 

Pumpkin Coconut Latte
A really well blended pumpkin coconut like the chunk muffin above with some added creamy coffee. I will keep this one for a cold winter day.

Ooey Gooey Pears
Pears. I have never really liked the pear fragrance oils out there. It has a weird backnote to me. 

Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie
A nice blend of spiced apples and flaky crusted pumpkin pie. It is almost a hair too bakery bready for me but I will give it a whirl.

Cranberry Macintosh Donut Holes
I am excited to melt this cranberry scent! A nice blending of tart cranberries with sweet melon-like Mac apples. 

Apple Fritter and Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
A nice, classic apple pie scent. 

Tricks or Treats- No idea.
There is some cinnamon and spice in this one and perhaps some apples or harvest type fruits. I like it and will happily melt it.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
Candied blueberries in syrup top a pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Smoothie Peeps Cake
An almost sweet potato leaning pumpkin with vanilla marshmallows baked into a dish.

Blueberry Lemon Mousse Cake
This scent reminds me of Deb. It is a really tart and sweet, delicious smelling blueberry and lemon creation. Saving this for summer time. 

Caramel Kettle Corn Nilla Noel
Saving this for a giveaway. The popcorn smells like puppy toes. 

Huckleberry Cheesecake
Grape candy.

Ghoulfriends- Notes: Pumpkin sugared donuts, Nilla pumpkin, Noel Fluff Puffs.
An excellent creamy cinnamon pumpkin cake treat.

Sweet Lavender Pumpkin Pie
An interesting blending of fabric softner lavender sheets and soft pumpkin spice. I want to try it out though. It might just work.

I am very happy with the new Rosegirls additions to my melting selections. Samplers always run the risk of being a motley assortment of scents that might not always work but I am pleasantly happy to like all but five of them. And I tend to think I am rather picky sometimes with wax. 

Have you picked up any Rosegirls in a while? Any samplers you loving? I saw Vintage Chic Scents is making a 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar. That kinda perked me up.


  1. Yep! When I saw lemon I was immediately drawn to it. LOL

    I continue my love-hate relationship with Rosegirls. So often, what seems like it should be divine according to the scent description just seems way off once I actually get to sniff it. They often lean much more sweet-fruity than my tastes can handle. One the other hand though, when I do come across ones I like they are usually some of my absolute favorites from anyone anywhere. I also want to love RG because they're local but I often fail in my local loyalty duties. lol

    It's been quite a while since I've had Rosegirls.


    1. I always think of you when I smell lemon wax tarts. <3 I think I always will.

      Yeah. Jenny is the queen of fruity bakery. I just wish I loved fruity bakery as much as everyone else seems to. But you are right, when a scent clicks it really hits the spot. I am like that with their spiced bakery and coconut scents. MMMMM! If you ever go back to the store you know I would happily PP you some funds for a personal shopper spree. :-) Her store looks super cute when she posts videos or photos online.

      Muffin Club days. Man. Those were fun!!

    2. I haven't been to their store since they moved farther into the downtown area. I'm a baby about city driving. Maybe I can get hubby to take me there, ya know, for my birthday. hehe

      Muffin Club nearly gave me heart attacks from blending stress!!!! But yes, those days were fun and I miss them dearly.


  2. I still have to pick up my preorder order from the last one at the RG shop. I placed a new MM order, so when that's ready, I'll hike the hour up to the store and see what else is in stock. They usually have more woodsy blends on the shelves since that's what we like up here. ;) So, I'm looking forward to all that.
    The last sampler I grabbed was Gypsy Monroe's Halloween Haunt sampler, full of more earthy, atmospheric blends.
    The last mystery bag I received was from Swanky. You're right about it can be hit or miss with those. I feel like I'm very picky about scents, especially in wax. I still gotta melt through some of those Swanky blends, but so far the scents that are not my preferences are smelling pretty good warmed up. Love Jeannie's blending skills so much.
    I don't think I'm purchasing any advents this year, although a lot catch my eye. I've never purchased a wax advent actually. lol I did Fortune Cookie Soap's holiday bath and body advent a few years back. And I'm getting a beer advent from a local liquor shop this year. :D (Someday I'd love to purchase a Jo Malone advent, but right now, with one income, that is so darn indulgent. Haha).

    1. Woodsy blends in store?! Now that is what I am talkin' about. An hour isn't too bad. I would drive an hour for sure. Have fun when you go!!! Sniff some things for me. <3

      That Gypsy Monroe sampler sounds cool. Earthy atmospherics sound perfect for this time of year. I find I am pickier than I expect when it comes to wax. I just got that email from FCS about their 12 days of Home Alone or something like that. Sounds fun! But I will probably pass. I seriously need to use up the soaps and scrubs I have. A beer advent is fun! My friend got a wine advent and a cheese advent from Aldi last year and liked it. I would be down for a kombucha advent. LOL! Or an incense advent. Or a handmade caramels and chocolates advent. Hm. That Jo Malone one. Yes. But definitely not within my reach either.

    2. Your advent ideas are perfect! <3
      Yeah, that FCS Home Alone advent would be fun, but I'm so darn picky. I'll definitely love seeing the photos, scent descriptions, etc that people share.
      Yeah, an hour drive to Rosegirls is definitely not bad at all. I usually go with my younger sister. We spend a couple hours in store shopping, sniffing and chatting. And go grab lunch in town afterwards. RG is in the downtown, so there's a ton to see and do if we even made a day out of it.

  3. Wow, lovely order! Some nice older picks there. I was super curious about Are You Ready For Some Football?, too, and I'm doubly curious now that you've described it as rapsberry danish-y. :) I somewhat recently ordered from VCS for the first time, and one of the scents was a Total Julie - Apple Clove Butter and Campfire Marshmallows, I think. Ungh, it is SO, SO good - like a juicy glass of spiced apple cider parked beside a smoldering fire overnight. Total Julie catnip!

    1. Thanks! I had fun choosing the muffins. Jenny had so many awesome scents for pre-order. I need to find that HMiFL tart I set aside for you. I am making a box to send your way. I also need your address. But no rush. I know you have a lot going on. ACB and MF from VCS?!?! I am dying. Wait. Was it Should I Stay or Should I Go??? I think I have that one. It is Julie catnip. <3 I think I will melt some soon.

    2. It's one of the new Goosebumps-inspired ones - A Night in Tower Terror. Mine came in a gorgeous orange leaf dusted with red shimmer. Totally going to melt it our first our new house! Yup, we bought a house last week, an honest to goodness single family dealie. No idea how we're going to care for it, as outdoor maintenance-type stuff is nothing we've had to think about now for (totals up all the time I've lived in an apartment) oh wow, about 20 years. Yikes! So I'll have that address for you soon, and thank you so much, we can make it a housewarming (and house-smelling) gift. :) And last night we heard from our agent that everything with the sale of our condo is good to go, so yeah, this thing is on now! Exciting! And super stressful, as you may be aware from your recent move.

    3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you guys!! I hope you are moved in safely and the sale of your old place went through without a hitch. <3 Our lives are on similar tracks this year in some ways. Enjoy your yard!!<3