Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mintie Bean: Halloween Wax Tarts

The following wax tarts were sent free from Femme Fatale for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Sophia, the owner and master mind behind Femme Fatale and Obscurus, has embarked upon a new venture in the home fragrance with her new brand Mintie Bean. This vibrant and playful line debuted with this Halloween collection and can be found on Femme Fatale

Candy Pail- Notes: Lemon sherbert, orange frogs, watermelon lollipops, apple slices and a strawberry pop.
Zingy Jolly Ranchers and fizzy fruity candies float up from a colorful tart topped with hearts, sprinkles and gummy bears. This is a fruity sour candy dream. <3

Boo & Stuff- Notes: Sugar cookie, caramel, hazelnut and candy popcorn. 
Mocha coffee and chocolate drizzled popcorn. Rich and thick. Snacks to savor under sherpa blankets in the deep darkness of a fireside fall night. 

Bubble Brain- Notes: Pink bubblegum, creamy vanilla, raspberry, banana and pepper berry. 
A rainbow of bubble gum spheres clinking and colliding in a tightly clutched plastic bag. The visit to the local candy store was a success! This tart is sugary sweet and the perfect illusion of a classic bubblegum scent. 

Monster Munchies- Notes: Toffee apples, nutmeg, pear, caramel peanuts and buttery popcorn.
A bold and festive fall blending of popcorn coated in a candied pear shell, crunchy and sweet like caramel popcorn. 

Lazy Bones- Notes: Coffee buttercream, chocolate biscuits, maple syrup and hazelnut.
Another mocha coffee blend but with the added smoothness of maple syrup rather than the crunchy buttery saltiness of popcorn. It does smell like a lazy Sunday morning. 

Wicked Good- Notes: Golden pie crust, blueberries, lemon zest, caramel cream and autumn spices.
Blueberry pancakes made with cinnamon in the batter. At first it was a strange combination but the more I sniffed, the more I liked. This is a creative blend to melt during the holidays. 

These tarts are a lot of fun! These run at about $6 a pop for about 2-3 ounces of wax. The throw is about medium-strong to strong. The Wicked Good filled the whole kitchen with spiced blueberry goodness and the Candy Pail one was delicious. The coffee and popcorn ones will be gifted to friends who I know enjoy those types of notes. Do you enjoy a cute-made tart?


  1. The name Mintie Bean had me curious, but sadly the rest of it turned me off. That price is insane to me. They also look sort of 'busy' or messy. I know, they just melt into a pool of wax anyway but still.

    That Wicket Good scent sounds yummy though!


    1. Right. I got the price off the Femme Fatale website where is said $11 but I guess I didn't factor US dollars into the exchange so they are really $6. Which isn't too terrible . Wicked Good was SO YUMMY. I should have shared some with you but I was a bad girl and melted it all. I do have one I will share with you though.

  2. Fun and awesome!! <3
    I definitely love gorgeous wax and wax pools. I'm a sucker for all that. But, if blends sound heavenly and are plain wax with no color or embellishment, that would not deter me one bit. Ohh, wax is fun! :D

    1. I am not put off by simple wax either. I missed the simple dye-free wax TDC used to carry but Amber said that it just wasn't selling well. The colors and embeds are fun though. They are such a pain to make though I am always surprised at the amount of time it takes to create something like this.