Friday, November 1, 2019

Vapid Wax: Poison Apple Indie Pick Up Scent

This wax was sent free for reviewing purposes from Vapid Wax.

Vapid Wax is a new-to-me wax vendor who also has a nail polish line as well as some indie bath and body products. Jenn reached out to me and sent me Poisoned Apple which will be a wax scent featured in the Indie Pick Up November release from November 1st (today) through the 5th for pre-order for $5. 

Poison Apple- Notes: A candied caramel apple with notes of cotton candy, vanilla and coconut with a base of woods, smoke and magick. 

Cold sniff reveals a softly smoky play on Bath and Body Works' Winter Candy Apple. Two cubes threw strong in my kitchen and made for a sweet apple experience. I look forward to melting the rest of the scent. 

Are you a fan of apple scents? What notes are you going to be melting over the next week or so?


  1. I am an apple scent fan during the fall. I love a good caramel apple scent in September, some cinnamon-apple and apple cider scents as fall moves on. I'm not a smoky note fan though, so I'd probably pass on this particular one.

    November will be pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin scents for me. I haven't found any dark, warm, spiced punch/cider type scents this year. I might have to keep going with some cinnamon-apple for a while just to break up the pumpkin marathon.


    1. Yeah. This one probably is out of your wheelhouse. I am finding I am enjoying the caramel apples more this year than I normally do. I am usually a GIMME ALL THE SPICE when it comes to apples but caramel is nice too.

      MMmmm... yes. I just melting a couple pumpkin scents and it was so nice! I think I will dig out some marshmallow fireside scents to alternate my pumpkins with this month. Or maybe bakery? I like a nice cookie scent in the fall.