Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Vapid Wax: Fall Fragrances

These wax tarts were given free from Vapid Wax for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

A little while back I featured Poison Apple from Vapid Wax and today I will be sharing a few more scents that came along for the ride in that box. I believe Vapid does a pre-order for a couple weeks then closes to make orders. The shop is currently closed at this time so scent descriptions and prices are not available for me at the moment. So if you decide to stick around it will definitely be just for some sniffing and dishing. I do have several samples to giveaway at the end of the post along with other wax and a few perfumes. So that will be nice. And hopefully make up for the lack of other pertinent information? 

Bloody Mary
Wouldn't it be kind of funny if this smelled like a V8 spiked with vodka? Bloddy Mary isn't too far behind on that green sharp nightshade component of the tomato vine. It has that green bell pepper tang but there is an underlying sweetness that is reminiscent of cotton candy and berries. A bold mixture for sure!

Vanilla, brushed suede and a pinch of earthy tonka. There also lurks within some leaf litter and woods. I love this brilliant blend.

Black Amber & Lavender
A gorgeous lavender. Balanced between herbal and sweet, very realistic. The black amber is simply a polished vanilla base that the lavender is perched upon. It melted with a medium-strong throw and remained a blissful lavender.

Mallow Mint
A two toned mixture where the base is candy canes and the top reveals itself to be airy marshmallows. I can never go wrong with this. It melted strong in the kitchen area. Would love to melt it again.

Vanilla Vixen
Vanilla with a hint of almond. A soothing and mellow blend that is sure to quiet a racing mind. It melted at medium strength and was very pleasant.

I find Vapid Wax to melt on the medium-strong to strong side. I would repurchase many of these if I were able to catch an opening. I think the next one will be in December or January. Follow Vapid Lacquer on Facebook for the wax updates. 

I will be giving away some Vapid samples as well as other wax and perfumes. The first to comment below will get them. Thank you for still tuning in. 


  1. Mallow Mint sounds yummy! Vanilla Vixen sounds yummy too with that hint of almond. I'm not familiar with this vendor. I'm so out of the loop with wax these days.

    Nice to see you posting again! Hope life settles for you soon!


    1. Both of those were really nice to melt! I was happy they threw well since vanilla can be light some times. Frankly, I am out of the loop with wax vendors as well but once in a while one will reach out to me and it is nice to try something new.

      Thank you. I am hoping I am try and keep something going here. Some days I feel so overwhelmed but I know this season of my life is only temporary. Hope you are doing well too. <3 Are you sure you aren't interested in the giveaway??

  2. I've been interested in trying Vapid, they've been on my 'to try' list for awhile. Glad to see your reviews!
    That Mushroom blend and a few others are on my list. I think they discontinued some blends recently and I'm thinking a few I wanted to try were on there. I'll need to check out all that again before I look to order in the future. ;)

    1. I am enjoying the Vapid goodies. I am going to send you some along with some perfumes. Feel free to pass them on if you wish! Hoping you are feeling well. <3

    2. You're just too sweet to me. I received your pm and replied. <3 <3