Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Black Magic Alchemy: RootBeer Float and 50 Shades of Chaga Soaps


My friend Julia sent me some amazing soaps from Black Magic Alchemy last week and I wanted to share them with you since you guys know I love my bar soaps. After browsing about their website I found some incredible sounding chaga elixir and chaga tea to try out when I reorder these soaps. Yep. Reorder. Spoiler: this soap is fantastic.

50 Shades of Chaga- "Surrender into an activating soap blend of wild harvested chaga mushroom, black spruce, and coconut oil to sexify skin, clear your mind, purify your lungs, and stimulate your senses." $14.95

This an exfoliating and detoxifying soap that not only boasts chaga mushrooms and activate charcoal but also coconut, cocoa and shea butters along with cedarwood and benzoin to accompany the black spruce. Made with 100% organic of sustainably wild harvested ingredients that provide lung therapy and clarity of the mind. I was anxious to get this one in the shower and once I did it was awesome. 

I enjoyed the buffing and exfoliation that the soap provided but what really grabbed my attention was the scent and the lather. The aroma of bracing cedarwood, lightly mentholated charcoal and spruce made for an invigorating perfume. And the bubbles? Let me say, with our well water and water softening system I rarely have trouble getting a lather up on a bar of soap but this was insane, it was a blizzard of bubbles. At one point in my latherings I looked down and noticed that within the ring of my arms I held a giant single bubble framed by hundreds of frothy friends. The chaga soap felt wonderful on the skin and left behind a soft and nourished canvas for the evening.

Wild Chaga Root Beer Float Soap- "This ain't your grandpapi's root beer. We synthesized ancient forest resins, our wildharvested chaga mushroom and aromatic plants into a purifying soap." $14.95

This soap is composed of coconut, cocoa and shea butters along with benzoin, wintergreen and bergamot oils. It is comprised of 100% organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients that can heal the skin, ease inflammation and sooth pain. After some extra time spent in the yard this past weekend I was ready to take this one for a test spin in the shower. Am I the only one who gets cramps and pulled muscles super easy nowadays?

I cut a nice chunky hunk from this soap and used it a few nights ago. I love the scent on this one. It reminded me of the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain" with its old fashioned hard vanilla candy paired with trees and earth. A quaint river of burbling cream soda flows through a stand of oaks where mushrooms colonize on the edge of the banks, capturing stray scoops of vanilla ice cream as they bob down the stream. Sweet and earthy. Deliciously scented. This one is a mad bubble generator too but without the extra exfoliation. The Root Beer Float soap possesses a firm yet silky texture that feels buttery soft running through the hands. Wonderful soap.

I am so thankful to have been gifted these soaps and will be ordering from Black Magic Alchemy very soon. I have a mind to try their elixir and tea as well as grabbing a back up of these soaps. Have you found any mushroomy treasures? I am loving the Four Sigmatic reishi cocoa. It is yummy in coffee and chai tea. 


  1. I’m about to order these along with the elixir 😁 I love four sigmatics coffee and the moonjuice line of mushroom offerings 🍄❤️

    1. Yay! I am loving these soaps so much that I am planning on buying more and grabbing that elixir too. Sounds amazing. Let me know what you think of it. <3