Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Patchouli Clove Bar Soap

One of my favorite soapers, Brooke Perry from B. Perry Studios, created a handful of soaps for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab not too long ago, all hauntingly delicious sounding. There was some pumpkin spice (this one is still available!), apples, pumpkin cheesecake and this patchouli clove. I decided to pick up two bars of this version.

Patchouli Clove-  Notes: Husky patchouli and bitter clove in a soap swirled with bonfire ash. $12

This 3.5 ounce cocoa butter based bar soap is crafted by B. Perry Studios using BPAL fragrance. It comes beautifully wrapped in an antiqued paper sleeve that even has a castle scene on the back. 

It will be my soap for the month of August, carrying me into the wiles of autumn gently and fragrantly. The patchouli is earthen and herbaceous with woody buds of clove and green hazy woodsmoke wafting about. There is a tang to this soap, as if the good being burned was still bendy and verdant with sap and life. It lathers with tiny bubbles and viscous silken cream. It rinses cleanly leaving behind soft sweet skin.

Now I am eyeing up that last soap in Pumpkin Spice Everything.

I feel like I am ready to bust into the shed and break out my fall stuff. I was planning to this past weekend but things got busy and I wasn't feeling in the right frame of mind with work coming on Monday and a potential hurricane (turned out to be just a few moody rainstorms) and my cycle approaching. I think this coming weekend will be good. Are you decorating yet? Do you plan to?


  1. No decorating for me. Apartment renter life, no nailing stuff to the walls or general space to store decorations. I settle for decorating my face with glitter instead :D

    I just made my first BPAL order this week (not Ajevie decants or swaps). Their shipping sure adds up! For some reason I don't mind spending three digits in a month on perfume oils, but I'm not at a point in my life yet where I'm ready to spend $12 on soap. I'm too guilty of disfiguring and desecrating my cheapo generic Dove bars for that.

    1. I love that you found a way to show your festive side! I bet you look amazing. <3

      You aren't joking. I have made many a BPAL cart in my life but between shipping and tax I am always a little shocked at the final price and end up deleting my cart. But this time I just bit the bullet for the soaps and then I made a t-shirt and perfume order not too long after.

      LOL! Yeah! $12 for a bar of soap probably a wee bit steep for most. I tend to view my soap habit like my perfume and candle habit which translates to "no holds barred." I could never feel clean with liquid soap and then box store soaps made my skin feel crawly. I think I have sensory sensitivities. :-)

  2. I would love to get a perfumer's soap someday. My skin tends to be sensitive and hate everything, buy I have been enjoying Chagrin Valley soaps with no added fragrance...
    but my nose longs for plumes of scent in the shower!
    I have never decorated much for fall, but I like outdoorsy things inside, like the Trader Joe's cinnamon brooms and leaf wreath and they have. Once I threaded leaves on red thread and hung them from ceiling to ceiling. They shriveled of course but we're still pretty. I hear if you coat them in glycerin they will be preserved.
    Blessings on the return to school. I can't imagine how intense that must be. I used to teach creative writing as a guest/enrichment teacher in Houston...I miss the kids and teachers so much. So much strange and changed.

    1. Chagrin Valley is nice! My mom fell in love with their products (she really likes that bean paste) so I bought her a gift basket of it for Christmas last year. You could always get one perfumer bar and open it in the shower just for the scent. :-) I have an Andy Tauer soap that smells up my whole bathroom and I love it.

      Cinnamon brooms are my very favorite. I have never bought one at Trader Joe's but I will have to remedy that. I usually get mine at Publix but they don't come out until September usually. Stringing leaves would be fun! What a great idea! I wish we had colorful leaves like that here in fall. Maybe I can find some somewhere. I appreciate your blessings!!! They are welcomed with open arms. I bet your were an amazing teacher. <3 It certainly will be the strangest year for me teaching. And this is coming from a teacher who survived three hurricanes in a row one year and a teacher who had a year where she had to help deliver a breeched Nubian goat while 9 months pregnant all alone minutes before school started on campus.