Saturday, August 8, 2020

Melting Basket 152: Summer's End


It has been so long since my last basket pot (May!!!) that I am just going to list what I stuck in this most recent one. I have emptied two or so baskets since then... meaning to post about them, however, it has been a strange summer. 

Vapid Wax Autumn Harvest
Beezy Honey Clementine
Rosegirls Coconut Pumpkin Marshmallow Cupcakes
Dessa's Charred Oud Vanilla
Dessa's Fall Foliage
Ten Digit Creations Fireball Marshmallow
Ten Digit Creations Marshmallow Sugar Cookie
Ten Digit Creations Black Vanilla/Palo Santo/Wood Spice
Ten Digit Creations Apple Butter/Caramel/Creme Brulee
Ten Digit Creations Black Raspberry Vanilla/Marshmallow Sugar Cookie/Pink Sugar
CFTKR Welcome Home
CFTKR Gooseberry Pie
CFTKR Pumpkin and Pine
CFTKR Pumpkin Ginger and Apple
CFTKR Merlin's Forest
CFTKR Apple Fritter
CFTKR Powdered Donuts
CFTKR Spearmint Cake

If you are curious about how any of these melt just let me know and I will review them.
Normally summer is my time to catch up on the blog, go on adventures with the girls and lay back and relax. This summer didn't quite pan out like that given our current worries and realities. I did strive to spend time out in the yard or with my nose in a book. 

The girls and I did go on a few trails, found a new coffee shop or two and watched tons of TV recklessly.
I worried about coming back to school. What that would look like for my students, my own kids and myself. I spent the last week prepping with my two co-workers for our first two virtual weeks (that start Monday) and then the transition into the building on the 24th. Out of the 4 upper elementary classes we are the only class going back into brick and mortar. The rest will be online. I will get to teach my own daughter for the first time ever. That will be an adventure. :-)
I hope if you and yours are headed off into this fraught school year that you all will be protected and safe, healthy and whole. 

I think I will bring out the fall decorations this weekend to bring some cheer in the house. And maybe even bake an apple crisp. 

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I hope all goes very well for you and your daughters. Very odd time we're all in yet and I only wish it can go as smoothly as possible!
    I'm still undecided about the school year for my kindergartner.. I think school begins first week of September for us.
    My daughter turns 6 in this next week, so doing some weekend celebrating Friday, yesterday and today.

    1. Thank you, April! I hope it goes well for you and yours too.

      Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!! <3 Sorry about your FB. :-( But happy it was restored to you. I feel like social media has gone crazy lately. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope next week is a good one for you.

    2. Thank you!!! <3
      I hope this brand new week will go well for you, as well. :) Take care!

  2. Hi,
    I'm vibing this summer-fallish basket.
    Beezy has Honey Clementine? when? where? I missed it, one of my fave Yankee scents, got the car jar hanging from the rearview rn.
    Those Dessa's scents are divine too, I just grabbed a FF blend from her pre-order today, and don't you love Charred Oud Van, toasty good. Did you order today?
    TDC always intrigues, especially Black Raspberry Vanilla/Marshmallow Sugar Cookie/Pink sugar-mmm, how was it?

    Back to school, sigh, Shel starts next week, we are nervous...
    How did your first week with students go, also why is your classroom attending but not others? And you have your little one IN CLASS?? Oh my! I know a few teachers who've been in that situation, sometimes the student challenges their parent in a weird assertion of distance or control. But you are such a natural teacher, I'm sure it will just feel normal for her.
    I wish you, and us, and your students the best this uncertain year.
    Talk soon. Miss you! ��

  3. P.S. I'm planning a reckless tv watching sesh next weekend, after 1 month back at the library, I need to chill for a bit.

    1. I think I went from summer-fallish to right off the fall deep end. I am normally a VERY disciplined seasonal melter but my recent whackadoodle teaching life has given me a real case of the needing apple cinnamons. I hope as a fellow seasonal melter that you can forgive me. Please forgive me too of taking a WHOLE MONTH to reply to this comment. I am so very nebulous right now in the blogging world. I miss reading yours and Sandra's too. I have the best intentions to get to do that tomorrow night while lying in bed.

      THe Honey Clementine was really nice. I can see why you would use it in your car. Cheerful. I don't think I knew it was a Yankee dupe. I am a huge fan of the Charred Oud Vanilla from Dessa. I did place a teeny tiny order on her second opening. Mostly a few mini loaves using October as a base.

      The TDC one was actually really good. I saw a few weeks back that Amber sent out a newsletter saying that she has officially hung up the wax hat. I hope she is able to do all the fun things she wants to do now that that chapter has closed. <3

      I hope Shel is doing ok so far this year. Our principal actually let the parents decide if their kids were going to be online or in school. Only 25% chose in building and my co-worker and I were the only ones who volunteered to go in the building so we got those kids. The rest are online. So far Scarlette and I have adjusted well. I think I embarrass her more than she will admit (she is in 6th grade after all) and I have managed to call her by her full name only once so that is a plus right? We will manage and I think it will be a nice memory to have with her.

      I wish you and your hubby all the best for the rest of this miserable year. We all desperately need some health, happiness and fairness for all on the horizon and hopefully we can band together to make that happen. I miss you too. Making a box of goodies for you and Sandra for fall funsies.

      And I hope you enjoyed your reckless TV binge. I hope it was fun and relaxing!! I am doing that at night with Gardener's World. I think I am turning 80 in the next few months instead of 40.