Monday, August 17, 2020

Melting Bakset 153: Full On Fall


I think have been stress melting. Is that a thing? Just constantly craving comforting scents to waft and wrap about the house and nose? I have a friend called The Fall Slut who would give me a solid rap on the wrist if she knew I was already decorated for Halloween and melting apples and pumpkins in the house. It is hilariously early to be in fall mode here in Florida but my girls and I were salivating to decorate so we did.

Beezy Amish Quilt
Beezy Pumpkin Apple Strudel
Handmade in Florida Caramel Apple
Handmade in Florida Fallen Leaves
Vintage Chic Scents Cream Cheese Spindle Curse
Vintage Chic Scents Bourbon Orleans Hotel (Marshmallow Vanilla Cake with Pumpkin Cupcakes and Cider Lane)
CFTKR Honey Apple
CFTKR Buttercream and Snickerdoodle
CFTKR Apple Dumpling
CFTKR Lumberjack
CFTKR Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone
CFTKR Noels of Autumn
CFTKR Pilgrims Pie (<3 gift)
CFTKR Apple Brown Sugar
CFTKR Cookie Snacks (<3 gift)

I think the afternoon thunder showers and copious amounts of Gilmore Girls has inspired the fall feels. Plus day dreams of doing my fall planting soon. Adam and I finally upgraded our creaky wooden boxsprings and old spring mattress for those new fangled metal box frames and the kind of mattress that comes delivered in a long skinny box. I got it in my head that we could turn the old box springs into raised bed gardens. Adam was kind enough (after a birthday gift of sawhorses and a circular saw >cough< >cough<) to fashion me two raised beds by enclosing the sides of the old box springs. 

Now I am on a mission to slowly fill the boxes with soil. I think it will take me about 10 trips or so to Walmart. But the beds should be ready by September for planting. I am hoping the squirrels will leave some goodies for me once they get growing.

In the meantime I am still puttering about the yard weeding and trying to figure out how I want some of the landscape beds to look. I had a nice roll of waking up and doodling but now that I am back to work I have not had a chance to do that and I miss it. I did brew up some more lemongrass though and it made me feel better. 

I have some cool soaps and some new BPALs to chat about. I took some photos and hope to get sniffing in the evenings this week. I have also been reading the Nevernight series. It is gratuitous skanky gory candy fluff but it is entertaining enough for my needs at the moment. I plan on trying to read The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury this fall and maybe start The Witcher books so I can watch the show. What are you reading or watching? Any recs? Are you ready for fall? It's because we want to get this year over with isn't it?


  1. '...friend called The Fall Slut...'
    Oh believe me, she's seen the madness in that house. I'm sure you've felt her searing glare. To melt a pumpkin scent early might have gotten you a pass, but the full decor?! The Fall Slut is sputtering for words and shaking her head.

    ~The Fall Slut

    1. I miss you so much! Yes. Lots of out of season madness in the effort to generate joy and excitement. It is working a bit. :-) The olfactory persuasion is helping. Are you excited about fall with all your fun fairs and events? I feel like the craft fair circuit would have me hyped up. Have you spied any neat crafted fall décor?

    2. Doing the farmers markets every Saturday has been overwhelming. Luckily our stuff doesn't sell so fast that we're scrambling to make more every day in between. LOL It's been interesting though. I used to have high hopes for bringing out our fall stuff in September but the interest in the few things we've teased so far has been pretty nonexistent. So, we're not rushing to get fall things made.

      There is one lady at the markets who does paintings on old windows and window screens. She switched out her stuff last week to all sunflower and fall themed paintings and, omg, I want them all! Other than that, I haven't really looked at the other crafty booths much. We're stuck between very popular pickle vendors each week. That's entertaining.

      ~The Fall Slut

    3. Every Saturday is definitely a commitment! I had not realized you were doing weekly booths. That is cool though that you guys are getting traffic. I bet TFS approves of folks not being in line for too early fall goodies. :-) I saw you were making up batches of fall soaps. They look amazing!

      LOL @ the pickle vendors. I saw you picked up some of the wares.. were they good? I have a weakness for pickles. I keep some in the fridge at work for lunch snacking. The painted windows and screens sound lovely. I want to see the sunflower ones. I am so happy you still like sunflowers. <3

  2. Raised beds need so much soil, but they’re awesome. Instead of buying bags we called a few mulch/landscaping companies near us, and we bought in bulk directly from them. We spent about $15 for organic soil that would have cost $70-$80 in bags. It’s easy to get if you have a truck, but we don’t; we just took massive Rubbermaid containers and filled them. Hey, whatever it takes, you know?

    1. Oh my gosh you are dead right. I am not looking forward to trying to fill them. I think I will go your route and call around for some top soil. Now to get my maths right in calculating cubic yards. Eep. But $15 for organic soil is excellent. Hoping I can find something similar. I don't have a truck so I would need to pay for delivery. My husband would probably flip his lid if I tried to haul dirt in my Jeep. He likes to call it a pavement princess. :-)

  3. Great scents for that basket, Julie! I'm sitting here making a list for Dessa's tomorrow. Handmade in Florida is one I want to try (soap and wax). I see she made an Instagram post recently so hopefully it won't be too long. I just got tracking for my customs with Blended with Love...I can't wait! Ashley's wax is gorgeous (and smells wonderful too lol). I think I have gone through 2 of the bags I got from my last order with Kyme. I like bakery but it's not my favorite but omg Kyme's is wonderful.
    I used to love to decorate for Halloween when Kyle was younger. The decorating and the excitement in general for all holidays is something I miss since he has gotten older. I mean he still shows enthusiasm but you know what I mean.
    Hope you have a great rest of August and a stress free entry into September xoxo

    1. I hope you were able to make that Dessa order. I know it was a little crazy that day!! I had to reload the page a ton of times but got in a wee small order of mini loaves and a couple cups. I think you would love Zahida's work from Handmade in Florida. She has such high quality, beautiful offerings.

      I agree, bakery is hit or miss for me. I just dumped out a whole wax bowl of a pumpkin bakery from a vendor that was just not hitting my nose right. Too thick and bready.

      I absolutely know what you mean. I find I am still decorating but it is mostly for me I think. My oldest still kind of enjoys it but my youngest never really seems to notice or care (or at least appear to). I hope your August was great and your September is too so far. I apologize for not getting back sooner. The beginning of the school year has me off my game something fierce.