Friday, November 10, 2017

Kings Road Apothecary: Tulsi and Pinon Surprise Box

I previously featured a body oil I purchased from Kings Road Apothecary not too long ago and it spurred on a desire to acquaint myself further with Rebecca's wares. She creates and sells these Surprise Boxes themed around particular ingredients that can be used to mediate or enhance certain health concerns or situations. These boxes run $56 each and come with 4 items. They can be ordered individually or as a yearly subscription. I opted for just one box for now but that may change.

This Tulsi & Pinon box inspired Rebecca to hone in on holy basil (aka tulsi, aka the queen of herbs) and its power to help mitigate stress. She blended up holy basil with pine to concoct many wonderful potions for both the body, mind and soul. She packaged everything wonderfully. All items are housed in glass bottles and those were wrapped in crinkle paper and tucked in copious mounds of it as well as folded into a scrap of linen. Note cards to educate one on the properties of holy basil and recipes and ideas were printed on vellum and cardstock and presented beautifully.

Tulsi and Pinon Elixir is a tincture to be taken one dropper full orally as needed for a boost to deal with stress that may be encroaching or anticipated. It tastes like moonshine medicine with a back note of pine and astringent herbs. I have taken this from time to time and though I cannot say with any scientific proof that it works... I do feel I have been able to cope with some extreme stressors in a semi-functional manner. I have my faith, and I will say this didn't hurt to have too.  I did pick up her Elderberry Elixir which supports immunity. As a teacher I am eager for that one to ship out to me. Cold and flu season is thickly upon me. ($16)

This is in a similar vein as the Deep Woods body oil but this one oozes that herbal basil and is more aromatic than the jammy evergreen I get from Deep Woods. I love it. I use it on my face and body after bathing. ($29)

Holy Basil and Pinon Syrup is for use in teas, drinks, desserts and whatever you may wish to sweeten. I drizzled some on my vanilla ice cream for a piney treat and I really enjoyed using it in my afternoon tea for an ethereal magical woods experience. I have to admit I drained this very quickly and readily look forward to sampling more of her syrups. I adore them in hot tea. ($15)

Speaking of tea... this Smoky Tulsi and Bramble Tea takes my beloved lapsang souchong to a whole new woodsy level. Lapsang souchong is married to pinon pine nuts, blackberries, tulsi, vanilla and puerh tea. It is deeply smoky, woodsy and rich. My only wish is that the jar was bottomless. This will be my winter staple. ($18) 

I enjoyed this box immensely and look forward to trying more Kings Road Apothecary Surprise Boxes. I feel it is a nice value for hand harvested ingredients used to craft hand made products for better health and happiness. If you love teas, body oils and unique bath and food items I think this might be right up your alley. 

Do you try and use more natural or holistic means to care for your body? Have you ever wild harvested plants for use in concoctions?


  1. Ooh, this is timely! I was just looking at tulsi teas at Sprouts yesterday but couldn't decide which to get. I loooove the scent of pinon--one of my favorite incenses is the Juniper Ridge pinon.

    I've been on an ashwagandha kick lately, putting the drops in a glass of water with a splash of cider vinegar. It's an adaptogen that is supposed to help the body when it's under stress. If I'm feeling anxious, I also add a few drops of mugwort and it does seem to help a bit.

    1. Juniper Ridge. That place has been popping up via various friends for the past few years. It must be time for me to finally place that first order. Their incense and teas look amazing. Kings Road has ashwagandha tea too that has been intriguing me. Now that you mention using it for stress, I could probably stand to try some too. And mugwort too. I will look into getting some next time I have to pick up my Dong Quai and Bladderwrack for my uterus.

      I have to tell you. That Coromandel sample you gifted me? I know I told you I love it and wanted to buy some and I did just that. I purchased it at the Chanel store in NYC across from Tiffany's on 5th Avenue and thought of you the entire time. I am wearing it right this moment. <3 Thank you Kate!!

  2. Ooh, very nice set! A month or so ago I saw some extra body oils from this box were available, I will check and see if they are still there.

    1. It is a great set!! Now I want all the boxes LOL! I might have to buy one for my birthday present to myself. That's allowed right? Ya know... happy I was made and all that jazz. I should have posted this but at the time of writing this everything in the box was/is available for purchase separately. Which is cool.