Monday, September 22, 2014

Super Tarts: Primetime Order

This Primetime order was well worth the wait. I ordered this July 17th and it arrived last week. Not a long TAT by any means (I have a pending order from March that I am still excited about) but I still found myself glancing at my email, looking forward to the scents. They did not disappoint.

First, let me tell you something about myself. I watch TV, but I don't WATCH TV. I have a handful of nerdy geekery shows that I adore and that is about it. Other than the Old School shows I ordered (Fresh Prince, Full House, Blossom, and Family Matters) I have only ever viewed one of these shows, the Big Bang Theory. I cannot say I ordered them because of the theme, or even say if they "match" the show. But I can say they smell gooooood.

I enjoy the extra touches Brandy provides. Drizzles, beads, flowers, chunks, and a popcorn bag!

Inside the popcorn bag lived: Sixlets (ate 'em), Cry Baby gum (Savanna stole it), popcorn!, business card, a list of all the scents with description (most amazing thing for a wax freak to have EVER), and a free sample tart in Lost Boys (free wax! yea yuh!). Here are the vendor descriptions with my thoughts in italics:

Once Upon A Time- Serendipity, Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Marshmallow. A pleasant surprise to have ICSB take center stage! Usually serendipity overpowers anything but the strongest zucchini breads, but here it is a backup singer with marshmallow and I love it! Vanilla cream cookie dough.

Family Matters- Zucchini, Butterbrickle, Ice Cream Scoop Bread, and a touch of fresh brewed coffee. The touch of coffee is excellent. It melds deliciously with the creamy zucchini and rich caramel gooeyness of butterbrickle. Warm and comforting scent.

Big Bang Theory- Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Hot Toddy, and Butterbrickle. Outstanding creation. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, just kissed by apples and cinnamon. Can't believe I only have one. Must savor it.

Wicked- Pistachio, Toasted Marshmallow, Signature Sugar Cookie. Soft vanilla sugar sprinkled cookies studded with roasted pistachios. Seriously the most mellow and soothing and soft pistachio I have ever smelled. Not even a suggestion of cherry almond bite that most have. Just yummy creaminess. Wicked good. Wicked.

Hart of Dixie- Pink Peonies, Vanilla Bean Buttercream, and Pink Sugar. Feminine, sweet and powdery, like the sillage trailing off a proper Southern Belle.

How I Met Your Mother- Watermelon, Sweet White Wine and Pomegranate. A refreshing wine spritzer with a medley of watermelon and sweet fruits. Excellent blend.

Goldbergs- Oatmeal Scotchies, Signature Sugar Cookie, and Caramel Drizzle. Brandy's sugar cookie rocks and this one is made that much richer with added caramel and slight butterscotch hard candy crunch.

Mindy Project- Blueberries, Mango Chunks, and a Crisp White Sangria. Mango, yes. The blueberries smell like candies, maybe Skittle-ish. The sangria is a little tart and lemony. As a whole this one comes across as a candy, sweet and tart. 

Full House- Cookie Jar, Sweet Cream, Cotton Candy, and Marshmallows. Doesn't get more authentic than this. Cotton candy frosted sugar cookies with marshmallow fluff sandwiched in between. Definitely as sweet as those Olsen twins used to be.

Scandal- Chanel No. 5 and Rose Petals Frosted with Vanilla Bean Noel. Oooooo gurl....this scent is scandalous! Bravo to Brandy for tackling  the iconic Chanel No. 5 and making it an approachable home fragrance. The rose petals blend flawlessly with Chanel No. 5 and the Vanilla Bean Noel adds the subtlest warmth and smoothness. Nice. Very nice.
Fresh Prince- Orange Slices, Coconut Cream, and Gardenia. Brandy should get props for tinkering with gardenia as much as she has, as well. Gardenia (and jasmine) are very finicky florals. This is one I wish I would have splurged on acquiring more. The notes are a menage' a trios made in heaven. The orange slices are vibrant and bursting with juice, the coconut lends a tropical feel while the gardenia transports you to an exotic locale. This cup is full of so much delicious experience I can barely put a lid on it.

Beauty and the Beast- Sweet Blackberries and Magically Delicious. Blackberry jam, so deep a purple, as to be almost black. No seeds, no floral. Where on Earth did this blackberry oil come from and why isn't everyone using it?! The bottom of the scent shot smells like Magically Delicious (reviewed previously, I stick by my thoughts that is smells like the most amazing cookie). Together they are dynamite.

Blossom- Lavender, Chamomile, Cotton Candy and Rock Candy. Sweet lavender, soft chamomile and doses of sugary goodness. Bring on the Sandman.

Lost Boys (free sample)-  Pomegranate, Fresh Apple Cider, and Toasted Marshmallows. Apple cider ice cream. Sounds weird. Smells good.

Super Tarts scents shots are 2 ounces and are priced at $1.95 each. Brandy does amazing themes and announces restocks and information in her Facebook Group. I have found she runs a tad behind on TAT but I wait a long time for wax anyway so it does not bother me too much. Her attention to detail and mad blending skills (especially with gardenia and florals) bring me 'round again.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead with happy surprises and peace of mind. September is winding down already. Time for the pumpkin smellies to come out of the basket! Do you have any Super Tart favorites?


  1. I haven't ordered ST since the Valentine's Sampler in January I think it was. Seeing this haul, in addition to getting my hands on a SS of fake n bake, makes me want to order again very soon! Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Hey Kim! I ordered 3 clams from her Fright Night restock, mainly to get Beetlejuice for my sister. I am enjoying my Super tarts, they are nice and strong. I hope she comes out with some cool Christmas scents. Hope you are doing well!

  2. look at the how colorful they are!! & the packaging!? i'm in love!! i will definitely be checking her page out! :)

    1. She does some awesome themes Ashley! Her super hero themes will even have your boys sniffing :-D

  3. How cool! Love the shows & colors & the scent descriptions sound great! Definitely should check out this vendor sometime! I'm a fan of Big Bang, Goldbergs, & Once Upon a Time (& of course the classics too!). If you are a fan of the 80's, you should watch The Goldbergs!! :-)

    1. Tricia, she does some fun great scents! I will request for you to join the group and you can check it out. Every time I see something from the Goldbergs it looks hilarious.

  4. Oh thanks! You should see the show - it's hilarious! And it brings up lots of memories of the 80's -- movies, music, etc. :-)

  5. Her scents are so unique, so complex, and so wonderfully refreshing in a wax world full of monotony. Very cool names and descriptions! Not your usually haul! Her stuff is pretty awesome, even knowing I had an issue with her personally about some winnings I purchased from an auction. Scandal, How I Met Your Mother, Wicked, Fresh Prince, and Lost Boys all sounds really awesome! UGH, SCANDAL IS BACK ON TV!! Such a good show!

    1. They really are great! Do you think you might order from her in the future?