Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alamo Candelaria: Wax & Soap... again

What spell hast thou cast upon myself, Alamo Candelaria?! I crave your complex scents, superb soaps and salty sweet lollies. Seriously, the lollipops. My goodness.

Two soaps and two rolls of wax.

Fairy Tale- This blend floored me in the soap version, all candied lavender buds. I knew I would love it in wax form, and I do. I melted a medallion in my bedroom and it threw at medium strength all around the room and bathroom. It translated beautifully to wax as it did soap, feminine and youthful.

Havana- Shaking my head in disbelief. I feel like I walked through the doors of an old cigar factory in Ybor, where wizened hands expertly roll sienna, tan, and espresso colored tobacco leaves into Arturo Fuentes, Macanudos and Cuesta Reys and place them in cedar lined boxes on a cracked leather covered tables. Even better than I imagined. When melted it develops a thread of powdery aroma that weaves into the cigar story tapestry. Strong throw and long lasting and unique.

Leatherosa- Leather and roses in the best possible way. Do you see how beautiful this soap looks to the eyes? That is what it translates to, to my nose. Sexy, elegant, and sophisticated.

Tuscan Olive- Kyme's scent description reads: A blend of bergamot intertwines with leafy olive branches, wine, myrrh, a touch of lavender, clove leaf, musk and sweetened ever so slightly with vanilla. It reminds me of Lush's Olive Branch soap but better by tenfold. It smells more refined and concentrated somehow. So glad Deb showed me this one.

Free sample of La Crema in Fairy Dust. I am happy to get to try her body lotion. It has a nice, no skip texture that melds easily into the skin while nourishing. The scent is a Lush dupe for Snow Fairy I believe.

Alamo Candelaria has some amazing Outlander inspired goodies coming down the pike! I have yet to use the soaps >gasp!< but I have it on trusted sources who I have shared with that they are bathing gold. I just cannot stop staring at them. I keep telling myself, "I will order these, so I can USE them." Then I don't. But I WILL. Soon. After the Standing Stones release. Yep. Then.


  1. I still think that sunflower soap is gorgeous. I would not want to use it!!


    1. It IS gorgeous. Thank you for mentioning it. Glad you see my conundrum. I just stare at it.

  2. Everything looks & sounds so lovely! I think the soaps are gorgeous! Almost too pretty to use! :-)

    1. They smell just as good as they look! I am going to cut them in half and use them around the holidays I decided. How have you been?