Monday, September 15, 2014

The Glitterati Candle Co.: Part One

Glitterati custom order time! Glitterati is a wax vendor that operates out of a Facebook Group (search Glitterati and request to join!) and you can order one of three ways, a Custom Order sign up list, a Mystery Box or Flash Sales. She recently had a tiny price increase, these individual chunks were $2 each, but as of September 1st went to $2.50 each. I am over the moon stoked she still allows you to blend as many scents as you want and order only single chunks. I ordered close to 50 chunks to decide which scents I want to order a full loaf in when my name comes up for the Fall Custom Order list. My Glitterati order is broken into two posts: general scents and fall scents. Here are my general scents:

Lemon Basil Flower- Fresh basil, soft and green, the lemon is sweet and balances the herbal basil nicely. The flowers smell tiny and white.

Chardonnay in the Garden- Heaven! The Chardonnay and florals play so nicely together. Strolling through a wild English garden holding a glass of ice cold, sweet reisling.

Oakmoss & Amber/Victoria Garden/Warm Vanilla Sugar- Oakmoss and amber pull through strongly, the florals hover quietly, adding beauty. Warm Vanilla Sugar adds a dimension of sweetness that compliments the oakmoss. As a lover of oakmoss & amber, I thrill in this scent.

Vanilla Spice/Bergamot/Eucalyptus- This is me being crazy blending lady. I enjoy this but not sure if I pulled off what I was envisioning. It smells like a sweet eucalyptus, but I am not sure if bergamot sits well with this. I was trying to recreate the Nest candle I fell in love with: spices, sweetness, woods, and such. Maybe melting it will help it meld better.

Lavender/Spearmint/Eucalyptus/Pine- Aromatherapy at its best. Sinus clearing, stress relieving, and mind quieting. The lavender is the stealthy one here, as she is outnumbered by her more potent friends, but she adds an herbalness that keeps the other guys in check. Loaf, please. 

Pink Coconut Serendipity- Serendipity at its best. Extra coconut of course.

Pink Coconut Peppermint- Icy white peppermint with a touch of coconut cream.

Pink Peppermint Spearmint- The spearmint cuts the icyness a little, resulting in a sweeter mint. This is a pretty scent.

Pink Pound Cake- This is a fan favorite and I can see why. The pound cake is dense and moist with extra heapings of vanilla and a dash of pink sugar.

Pink Hansel & Gretel's House- Delicious and cozy, soft spices, bakery and a touch of pink sugar. I am in love.

Black Raspberry Vanilla/Black Currant Vanilla- Dark juicy berries, thick vanilla with a hint of musk.  Loaf worthy. I had a feeling these two would blend well together.

Thriller- A delicious house blend of caramel, cappuccino and vanilla. Excellent artisan coffee scent.

Pink Petticoat- A customer created blend of pink sugar, coconut and cotton candy. The cotton candy lends a strawberry hue to the pink coconut. Very nice.

Livin' La Vida Juicy- Juicy Couture perfume dupe that is fruity-floral fun! I am really happy I decided to get this one.

Frangelico Amaretto Danish Butter Cookie- Not for the feint of heart! No mistaking these liqueur fumes. Sweet hazelnut and almonds blended into a buttery cookie dough. I have a feeling I can get away with cutting this one into fourths. Can't wait to melt it!

Honeysuckle/Honeydew/Watermelon- Tropical fruits and flowers that smell realistic and fresh. Saving this for spring.

Pink Sandalwood- Mmmm... wow. Her sandalwood is strong with a whisper of smokiness. Blended with pink sugar, it is powerful. Another one I would cut into fourths. Beautiful bedroom blend.

Lick Me All Over/Fizzy Pop/Watermelon- The most fun and bright scent I ordered! I have never smelled Lick Me All Over so I took a chance combining these but I am happy I did. It smells like an effervescent fruit punch cocktail in a comically large glass garnished with a wedge of watermelon accompanied by a slice of lime.

Cranberry Tea- A blend for a friend I think she will LOVE. Slightly spiced cranberry tea, comforting and warm.

Pretty in Pink- A blend I submitted for Janine's Pink Sugar Sampler, I am so happy to finally get to smell it: pink sugar, watermelon and Key Lime pie. Her Key Lime pie is good, tart with crust included. Very happy with this blend.

Pink Marshmallow County Fair- YUM! Loaf in this scent. Fluffy pink marshmallows, and Janine's amazing County Fair blend that contains funnel cakes, cotton candy and caramel apples.

Blackberry Plumberry Raspberry Sangria- This dark, juicy berry potion floors me. Very deep and bold. The berries practically staining your fingers. Do I need to say it? Loaf.

Spiced Fruit Tea- Another tea blend for my friend! It is very unique. It actually reminds me of the Raspberry Zinger tea from Celestial Seasonings. It is sweet, a little herbal and a touch of hibiscus sweetness. I have no idea what the notes are, as I gave Janine total reign but it is on point with a fruit tea. Not spicy in a cinnamon red hot way, smells more like a touch of nutmeg or cardamom. I hope she likes it!

Purple Rain- I think this is Black Raspberry Vanilla and Chardonnay. A crowd pleasing scent and popular blend for her. I love it.

Lavender Bergamot Tea- This was the first chunk to get placed in the melting bowl. I halved it and placed one in the living room and one in the bedroom. This blend threw strongly and lasted for several hours. The bergamot lent an aged citrus aroma which was nicely paired with the lavender and tea. It felt like a lavender infused Early Grey with added bergamot. Lovely.

Amber Musk Sandalwood- MUST. HAVE. MASS. QUANTITIES. Janine spoke of maybe doing away with her Egyptian Amber but I might shed a tear if she does. This blend is so smooth and elegant and sophisticated. I want to wear this as a perfume. The amber is sensual and golden, the musk velvety, and sandalwood blonde and soft.

Lemon Biscotti/Coconut/VBN- Intense buttery cake with a touch of fresh lemon juice and dollops of vanilla coconut buttercream icing. This beast will pack on the pounds.

Tart Berries & Tea- The last tea blend for my buddy. Another house blend that is phenomenal. The tea smells white and almost like nectarines, the fruits are ripe may have a few cranberries involved. I think I may have to invest in some cranberry tea and tart berries and tea for myself next go 'round.

Lavender Shortbread VBN- Sweet lavender, fresh baked shortbread cookies and double dose of pure vanilla extract. Delish!

Free Samples in:

Tropical Pistachio- Very good! Smells like cherry-almond with mangos and mandarins. Creative and cool pistachio blend.

Grapesicle- Grape and vanilla maybe? It is a beautiful chunk but not my favorite, but my sister loved it. It now belongs to her.

Whew! And that was not all!!! I am really impressed with my Glitterati order and l look forward to melting these motley chunky beauties.


  1. That lavender/mint/pine one sounds interesting. I was kicking myself recently that I don't have any sinus relief type tarts around anymore, but then remembered hubby has something in his stash that is supposedly a close cousin. Zen, I think....maybe?

    Pink Hansel & Gretel's House? I can't even imagine.

    Ohhhhh, those tea scents sound super yumalicious!

    Gosh, can't wait to see the fall scents part of this order!!!!


    1. A couple of sinus clearing tarts are always handy to have in stock. Zen is a nice one! Pink Hansel & Gretel is so good. I thought of you when I chose H&G. I think you will enjoy Janine's tea scents. I plan in grabbing them again :-) my fall scents are heavy on the fireside.

  2. Like wow! You got some amazing blends in there, I loved everything in the first group of green-yellow chunks! And that honeysuckle/honeydew/watermelon blend. Sounds. So. Good! Have fun melting them!

    1. I agree Michelle, the greenies are superb! I love the honeysuckle one too. I had fun blending like mad :-)

  3. Her chunks are gorgeous and you created some awesome sounding blends! I still have not tried to order from Glitterati but I have tried some from destashes. Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Janine does make some gorgeous chunks doesn't she?! Ordering can be tricksy but worth it for sure. Destashes can be regular treasure troves can't they?

  4. WOW! Such beautiful chunks, such yummy sounding blends. So cool that she does single chunk customs! I was able to order some chunks in the beginning of the year when she just listed RTS chunks for sale on her FB page and you would message her with which ones you wanted. When I came back to ordering wax after being away for awhile, she had totally blown up!!! I finally was able to snag a spot on a mystery box list for this fall, can't wait! Can't wait to see the fall ones =)

    1. She has blown up! Happy to see successful vendors. I can't imagine how hard making wax is. There is a certain talent to making it throw, last a decent time, smell good and look good. I hope your Mystery Box knocks your socks off Jacqui! <3

  5. Wow, you got quite a haul!! Lots of varieties & combos too! Never knew there were so many combos! Oh & I like the top pic -- so cute!! :-)

    1. Thank you Tricia! This vendor is great because you lets you make your own custom blends, so I mixed a lot of scents :-)

  6. Gorgeous Gorgeous! This order is all WOW.
    Honeysuckle / Honeydew / Watermelon is making me faint.
    So many great blends here Julie, I'm adding up the hours and hours of plotting you must have done to come up with these beauties :)

    1. Honeysuckle is pretty yummy with melons. You are right. One nice thing about seeing your name creep up on a list... You can plan! I made a 3 page list of blends that changed as the weeks passed. Can I admit I am already a few new blends down for my next time? If she had a gardenia oil I would be in trouble....