Sunday, September 28, 2014

Warmed Wax: Streetman, Glitterati, and Storytime

Glitterati Pink/Peppermint/Spearmint is a strong throwing, relaxing bedtime scent. All three components are equally blended and detected. I plan of purchasing this in a loaf one day.

Streetman Blackberry Shortcake is a lovely medium strength scent that smells like ripe, plump blackberries in a sweet deep purple sauce served with vanilla laced cream. The shortcake did not come over as bakery but as vanilla to my nose. The blackberries were so rich, as to almost have a sweet tobacco note. I could not get enough of this. I found myself wandering into the bathroom just to smell it. Definitely repurchase.

So here in central Florida there has been some news about a fluffy Cousin It looking caterpillar that is stinging folks willy nilly. My sister, the entomologist at the University of Florida, wrote this mini Tall Tale about the the stinging Puss Caterpillar and its epic origins. Please enjoy.


  1. That Glitterati Pink/Peppermint/Spearmint combination sounds so good, so relaxing. Definitely loaf worthy knowing it's strong! Love that you and your family have stories you tell one another on text! The emojis make the story! :D

    1. It WAS so good! I am plowing through my mints. I feel like I am always ordering them but really I am not. I rest assured I have some coming from RG and SMT.

      Heather has great story telling. My sisters are hilarious and crack me up all the time. Crazy whacky humor. The emojis definitely made it perfect, :-)