Thursday, October 2, 2014

Order of the Odor: Volume 2


What is your first or most cherished scent memory?

My most cherished scent memory is tied to a candle. Is that surprising? Probably not. Adam and I got married on Anna Maria Island and stayed in the cutest sea side hotel that weekend. I knew I wanted a beautiful and tropical atmosphere so I sampled many different candles and found perfection in (what used to be A.I.) Root Candle Company's Paradise. I purchased an abundance of votives and lit them around our room each night; the eve of our wedding and the night of our wedding. That candle takes me back to the most beautiful and sacred time of my life. A young exuberant husband, balmy nights and new love. A glass of champagne. We are now deeper in our love, more secure and mellowed. A mug of nourishing hot tea.
Fragrance Obsessed: A Rosegirls pie is one of the most coveted wax items around, but find out why Sunnee will take a Rosegirls loaf over a pie any day. You really want to see these loaves.... 
It's Always Something: The Fall Slut has very high standards regarding all things fall related. She has officially proclaimed her favorite, # 1, all-time BEST Fall Scent.
Lolo Loves Scents: Thinking of plotting a Tiffany Candles order soon? You'd be remiss to do so without reading this post first! Lauren, the master of swift and supersonic reviews, busts out 15 Tiffany scent ratings in one breath! Resulting in many lemmings.
The Redolent Mermaid: Julie waxes poetic about a vendor who is taking risks blending with gardenia (with great payoff), has gorgeous scent shots, and fun restock themes. Who is this mystery vendor?
We would love to hear about your first or most cherished scent memory! Please tell us in the comments and hope your October is full of spooky, festive smells.


  1. What a beautiful, cherished memory. Candlelight alone can add so much, scented candlelight ---over the top. There's no mistaking how special "paradise" must be to both of you. I want to find it and smell it now :) Loved this JJ <3

    1. It is really good! I am picky about tropical scents, coconuts and pineapples but this one is lush. I need to hunt some down. Glad you get your sweet pups back in a couple days! <3

  2. My first strong scent memory is probably the smell of this face powder my mom used to use. I don't know the name of it, but I know it's still around and still expensive. It's in a gold-ish round tub, and I'd open it all the time just to smell it. I can remember what it smells like right now. It's so linked to how I remember my Mom when I was a little girl. I'd watch her get ready doing her makeup and hair. She has always taken the time to take care of herself no matter my parent's financial state and no matter if she has anywhere to be. That smell, the smell of that face powder, reminds me of my Mom's beauty and the effort she always puts into taking care of herself. :)

    1. Oh Liz, this is so beautiful and really touched me. What a wonderful memory for you. I hope my girls have a similar one of me one day <3 I know your cutie pie will if you too.