Friday, October 17, 2014

Candles From the Keeping Room

As you can see from my blog entries, I have not ordered from Candles From the Keeping Room (CFTKR) in the past few months. In fact, I think it has been closer to half a year since I last ordered. My eyes were roving to other vendors and I kept missing the openings. But good fortune came my way and I ordered early Monday morning last week while I was drinking my coffee and putting on make-up for work.

Blonde Moment- This was meant to be Sugar Cookie Latte but in my extreme excitement upon finding the site open I accidentally threw this in my cart instead. No worries, as I do enjoy Blonde Moment. You know what I finally figured out what this smells like to me? The Sicilian Splash drink that I love to order from Olive Garden. White grape juice, orange syrup and sparkling bubbles of soda that tickle my nose.

Coconut Marshmallow- Mmmmmm.... homemade cubes of fluffy marshmallows rolled in sweetened coconut flakes sparkling with sugar. I can tell this will be a fast favorite.

Blackberry Jam Filled Birthday Cake- This scent has tons of followers, in fact, I had tried to order this one a few times in the past. This popular scent finally came home to mama. On cold the blackberry jam is soft and a touch powdery with extra vanilla from the cake. As Carol's wax is mainly (perhaps all?) paraffin wax, the cold sniff tends to be mild or one dimensional, however, once exposed to heat it really unfolds all the layers and blooms. I think this is one of those. I have a feeling the cake is going to come about nicely.

Frosted Sugar Cookies- Carol's cookies make my mouth salivate. Dense, rich, flavorful, pound packing delicious. These cookies burst with vanilla and light brown sugar.

 Secret Wonderland- Bath and Body Works describes this as a whimsical blend of strawberries, frosted jasmine petals, and white amber. The resulting accord smells of white powdery flowers sweetened with sugar crystals. It is a pretty scent that I think will smell lovely on a spring day.

 Hot Orange Spiced Toddy- Delish. This is the pomander scent I was looking to have on hand for Christmas. Deep, dark blood oranges studded with cloves, and cinnamon bark, dried apple slices fanned on the platter.

Earthen Oak- Sultry, incredible. This scent was love at first sniff. Oaks, sandalwood, ambers and vanilla. It almost reminds me of the dry down of a vintage Guerlain Samsara perfume I used to have. My nostrils require a full bag of this next time I have the blessing to order.

 Peppermint Marshmallow- I had this in my most recent melting basket. It melts into a puddle of wax that tosses scent all around the bedroom at a medium to medium strong level. Candy coated minty bliss.

Rosemary Mint- Bright, sharp mint with the barest hint of herbal soft rosemary that gives the peppermint interest.

Free samples! Carol's generosity overflows into the copious amounts of freebies she sends. She truly looks at the scents you purchased and makes choices based on what she thinks you like. You can request a particular scent but she cannot promise you will get it. I never request, as I like surprises (hence not finding out our babys' gender when I was pregnant both times- I know. I am a freak). She also likes to include new scents, testers or up and coming scents. So come see what my free samples include:

Rosemary Mint- Same scent as I ordered, but I am happy to have it. I know I will love this scent melted.

Rosemary Mint Aveda- Stoked to sniff these two side by side. Aveda type has more sweetness, like peppermint hard candy with a mellow more musky rosemary.

Eucalyptus Spearmint- Carol and her mind reading abilities... I tried to put this in my cart a few times during the ordering process but it was just not available. Thankfully I have one to call my own now. Reminds me of the Bath and Body Works Stress Relief.

Sparkling Snowflakes- Mint and something herbal or pine perhaps. I like this.

Strawberry Pomegranate Cake- A favorite. It smells like candy but in the best possible way. The strawberry and pomegranate meld so well it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The scent is sweet, red, juicy and a touch tart. I want to eat it. Sorely.

Cinnamon Spruce- My kind of scent. Spruce so deep and fresh I feel like I am in an evergreen forest. It has that depth of scent you get from Bath and Body Works Winter, Evergreen, and Balsam scents. Just beautiful. The outdoors, chilly weather and a cozy fire somewhere in the far off distance. The cinnamon is quiet but present.

Deck the Halls- *Warning* I may have gotten this one and the next one mixed up when I was taking pics. This one is tricksy. I smell evergreens, cedar and suggestions of florals. It is a rustic yet complex scent. A winner for me.

Christmas Song- Another complex and different holiday scent. I rather enjoy it! The Twelve Days of Christmas come to mind when I inhale the perfume from this tart. The swans swim with wreaths of cranberries around their necks, the lords leap with platters of spiced plums in their hands, the French hens are stuffed with apples and herbs, and the pear tree is adorned with sprigs of holly berries and greenery. Christmas Song is full of festive fruits, with tiny accents of evergreens and spice.

Holiday Hodgepodge- Hodgepodge fits the bill! I have no idea if my nose is on point, but I get citrus, cranberries and Christmas trees. It is light on cold sniff, probably due to the paraffin, so it is difficult to pin it down. There almost appears to be a fizzy note as well. Hm. Interesting! I look forward to melting this one.

'Tis the Season- This one smells a lot like Winter from Bath and Body Works to my nose. I was slightly anticipating it to be a dupe of BBW's 'Tis the Season, but no. Winter woods, pines, cedars, with a whisper of white smoke and a touch of something other, like citrus.

Cleopatra- This beauty sidles along well in the company of Earthen Oak. Not nearly as full bodied but more delicate, feminine, and alluring. White musk, flowers, and what feel like cashmere woods. The notes meld together so well, they are difficult to pick apart. It smells warm, expensive, and beautiful.

I am really stoked to have been able to catch a CFTKR opening and hope I can one more time this year in order to snag a few Christmas smell goods. Do you like CFTKR? What is your favorite scent from them?


  1. That's so cool that you didn't find out what you were having with your girls. We didn't find out with ours either, but that was 20+ years ago when it wasn't quite all the rage to 'need to know.' I was wondering the other day if ANYONE now is ever surprised?

    Hot Orange Spiced Toddy sounds yummish. I'm wishing now I'd been more prepared for that opening! Maybe next time . . .

    (And we've already discussed that Deck The Halls is gross. =P )


    1. It was fun guessing and daydreaming for 9 months what tiny human was inside. Like the best Christmas present ever. What would it be??? It drove some family members nuts. I really don't know of many people who keep it a surprise anymore either. And apparently I am right, because when they were born, our doctor never shouted out "it's a boy!" Or "it's a girl!" He forgot we didn't know. So we had to beg him once they came out. Tell us!!! I think you would like Hot Orange Toddy. Deck the Halls :-) it is definitely different. I like it though. It will be a holiday bedroom scent for me.

      I hope you have a nice Friday Deb. Any plans?

  2. Beautiful photos, as always, Julie!! The eye candy is almost too much to take in :))

    I also bought some Blackberry Jam Filled Birthday Cake and look forward to trying it! Hot Orange Spiced Toddy sounds good and is going on my list.

    1. Thank you Lynda!! Eye candy AND nose candy. Can't beat it! I am excited to melt BBJBC and I think it will be sooner than later. I am hoping to snag a Rustic Lodge next time. I hear it is good. Have you tried that one?

    2. I had received a sample of it and loved it, so I picked up two large bags during the last opening :) Fingers are crossed you'll be able to get a bag!

  3. Ooh they're just so pretty! Sounds like you got some good goodies!!

    Ok, I have to say that I'm one of those that had to find out beforehand if we were having girls or boys! LoL! I'm such a planner! With the 1st daughter, we were just so excited & had to know. With the 2nd daughter, still excited but I also wanted to know if I needed all the girly stuff I saved or not! :-)

    1. A coworker of mine and his wife were expecting their third child a few years ago. They had two boys already, and they were told after the ultrasound that this third was a girl. They were soooo happy and went and bought all the girly things. And when the baby was was a boy. DOH!!!!! lol


    2. THAT was certainly a surprise for them! That happened to my aunt too. Was told she was having a boy and out popped a girl. We kept everything green and yellow and used an ocean critter theme in the nursery so it worked. And of course once the girls came out, pink flooded in by the tin with gifts of dresses and such.

  4. Oh my goodness! That happened to a coworker of mine a couple of years ago -- her newest grandbaby was supposed to be another boy. Baby came early and was a girl! They lived out of state, so she used her car trip to crochet a new girly baby blanket!! Another coworker kept telling me that my 2nd was going to be a boy, she thought for sure the sonogram was wrong -- but in my case it was right! Either would have been fine, but expense-wise, it sure was nice not having to buy a bunch of stuff again!! :-)

    1. It is totally understandable to find out the gender!!! I dare say most folks do :-)

      It would be not fun to find out you were told wrong though! All that planning and buying and decorating. Yikes!