Thursday, October 16, 2014

Up The Creek: American Cream (not a surprise...)

American Cream 12 pack appeared on the Up The Creek site recently. I watched that bad boy for a day and a half. One left in stock. The page was a beacon, calling me into port. It told me it was waiting for me. Reminded me I was down to two tarts. Taunting me with the fact that I truly love this scent. Yeah. I bought it.

Really digging the free sample in Wildberry Mousse Zucchini Noel. Very fruity in a bright and juicy way with creamy vanilla and a touch of zucchini. A classic scent but done well. Very well.

American Cream definitely makes it into my Top Ten wax tart scents. What scents do you like to have backups of?


  1. Hi, I'm not sure why I never comment because I read every post you put up. But I have to always have pink peppermint and right now I'm loving rose with birthday cake.

    1. Yasmine!!! Hi there! Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying it. Pink peppermint is a staple for me too. Absolutely. Rose and cake?! Oh my goodness. I think I crushed on you a bit just now. I am writing this on my SMT list right this second. You have good taste lady. Hope you are having a good week.