Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sniff My Tarts: Box 1

It is here!!! My March order is gorgeous, odoriffic, and well worth the wait. Some of my choices were delayed due to oils being out but the rest are on their way to me as I type this. Today is Sniff My Tarts Opening Day!!! It only comes twice a year. If you are ordering, may all your blends turn out just how you wanted. Presenting the first box of my order.

Pink Peppermint Sheet Cake (undecorated): Pink Peppermint perfection. Even undecorated, it is formed beautifully, a base of white snow with swirls of red and garnished with candy. The eyes and nose feast on a festive celebration of icy white mint and red stripped candy canes dancing with Pink Sugar. I swear I can hear the Sandman singing Christmas tunes to lull me to sleep when I gaze at this. If it was socially acceptable to stuff cylinders of this up my nostrils to smell every where I go, I would. Ok. Enough Ode to Pink Peppermint.Well... just one more....

Peppermint/Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge Popsicle: A punchy and sharp pink peppermint blend with just a little extra thick vanilla. I can never have too much pink peppermint.

Coconut Cream Pie/Orange Chiffon Cake/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie Popsicle: Orange cream muffins. An uplifting smell.

Rainbow Sherbet Jumbo Ice Cream Scoop: Sunnee enabled me on this scent. My first Rainbow Sherbet, tart, sweet, fruity and citrusy. I have a feeling this one will throw super strong.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Grubby Mini Bundt Cake: Mouth watering Bath & Body Works dupe. Strong and true.

Under the Big Top Lil Frosted Bread Loaf: Sniff My Tarts collaboration with Rosegirls, it is circus concession and marshmallow smoothie. Caramel mac apple and marshmallow heavy. Add to it the merest sprinkle of cinnamon from the funnel cake and rounded sweetness from cotton candy.

Celtic Moonspice/Willow's Cuppy Cake/Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Chunks: Sugar Cookie Dough Bread is strong. Even though it is only one chunk it provides a firm foundation for this blend. A cozy cinnamon bakery scent.

Pumpkin Praline/Caramel Cookie/Celtic Moonspice Chunks: Sweet cinnamon pumpkin with a tad butterbrickle bite from the caramel. I am very happy with this blend.

Cranberry Spice/Cranberry Chutney Chunks: Sweet candy cranberries. Smidge of spice. Not what I envisioned but still quality cranberry fragrances.

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Gourmet Sugar Cookie/Sticky Marshmallow Chunks: I adore SMT Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake. Incredible sweet and creamy lavender bakery blend. This cookie explodes with vanilla crunchiness.

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Pink Butter Cookie/Marshmallow Noel Chunks: This one has less bakery but more vanilla enhanced Pink Sugar that compliments this lavender blend beautifully.

Cotton Candy Bliss/Butter Brickle/Cotton Candy Chunks: Jacqui ensnared me with her praises of cotton candy butterbrickle blends on her blog back in the day. I knew as soon as I could place my first real SMT order that I would include this blend. Never in a million years would I think that it smells as wonderful as it truly does. The butterbrickle zap of richness cuts nicely into the sticky sweet cotton candy. I cannot wait to melt this.

Pink Coconut/Pink Sticky Marshmallow/Pink Sugar Cookies Chunks: Pink to the third power. Pink Sugar dreams. Pink Sugar heaven. Pink Sugar perfection. I want to roll in it.

Free Samples!

Lavender Coconut Milk/Lavender: Incredible blend that I swear has blackberry in it. I normally do not gravitate towards their Lavender Coconut Milk, as it smells a little like fabric softener. I really think this is their lavender berry blend. It is so sweet and fruity. Two chunks of this delicious blend is appreciated.

Laffy Taffy/Mandarin Oranges: Pink bubble gum and orange Starburst. Youthful and sweet.

Tres Leches Cake/Cinnamon Toast/Marshmallow Smoothie: Smells like vanilla coconut. Mellow and simple.

Box two should be arriving today or Monday sometime. Are you placing a SMT order today? What blends are you most looking forward to? Any adventerous mixing? What shapes do you gravitate towards?


  1. All. The. Colors! All. The. Blends! You are a blending master, missy! :) That Pink Peppermint Sheet Cake is absolutely gorgeous, and you're saying that's undecorated!? It looks so cool and styled! Awesome scent picks, J!

    1. I am really in love with this order! The cranberry one is the only one I would change if I could. The pink peppermint sheet is by far my favorite. <3

  2. I want to eat that peppermint bark looking sheet cake.

    Fun haul!


    1. Me too. It looks just like white chocolate peppermint bark. I SMELLS good enough to eat.

  3. OMGEE! Your order looks fabulous! Your blends sound amazing! I regret not ordering but I have to melt thru what I have before I get more SMT. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Kim!! I am really happy with it. I know what you mean though. I kept this last opening's order small since I just got all this. Gotta melt my stash! Hope you have a beautiful week!

  4. Absolutely lovely pictures of a lovely order!! Those lavender chunks looks amazing! I may have lost my mind a little, as I don't normally like lavender, but I ended up ordering two lavender blends in my SMT order! I hope they turn out as well as yours sound! And I'm so glad you are loving the cotton candy/butter brickle combo. The adding of the two cotton candy scents to the butter brickle though? I think you just took the blend over the top! I hope you are enjoying all your goodies!!

    1. Which lavender blends did you try? I am really living the cotton candy butterbrickle. It is deeeelish! I am definitely enjoying them. Did you order during the morning opening?