Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sniff My Tarts Mystery Bag

My Sniff My Tarts Mystery Bag came in the mail box several days ago.With Sniff My Tarts' impending opening this Saturday, the 25th at 7am Est, I thought I should get this bag of yummy wax up so others may benefit from new scent blends like I did. SMT Mystery bags and boxes are made up of over pours from other customers' orders. None of these blends are my own creation.

Watermelon Cake/Strawberry Kiwi/Lemonade- Fruity bursts of sweetness from the watermelon and strawberry kiwi (which blend really well together) but the lemonade is throwing it off for me. It has a powdery tang of which I am not fond. I think substituting another lemon blend of theirs would be gorgeous with these two fruity scents.

Serendipity Coconut Cream Pie- Serendipity perfection. SMT does serendipity really well and combined with extra coconut, I swoon.

Fruity Loops 7 Up Pound Cake- Zesty citrus burst of lemons and oranges and limes with some vanilla cake to smooth it over. Excellent blend!

Serendipity Fudge/Strawberry Jam/Willow's Cuppy Cake- Serendipity fudge smells richer, more buttery and thick than traditional serendipity. The strawberry brightens it with juiciness and the cupcake adds sweetness and frosting. A delicious blend indeed. Two chunks = twice the yumminess.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert- I am one of the very very few who do not care for strawberry pretzel scents. SMT does it really well, but across the board of vendors, I do not care for it. The strawberry is authentic and sweet with some jammy notes. The pretzel adds a dry bread crunch. This section of sheet cake looks lovely. I am sure I can find an enthusiastic home for it. 

Lavender Vanilla Coconut Milk/Tuberose- WOW! Heady blend of lavender and tuberose that reminds me of jasmine and lily of the valley dipped in cream. Not for the feint of nose.

Wildberry Mousse/Zucchini Bread/Toasted Marshmallow- Wildberry Mousse has grown on me. This blend smells really awesome. Sweet, fruity, non-spicy zucchini bread. 

Peaches 'N Cream- Smells just like Breyer's Peach Ice Cream that I used to eat on humid summer days with my Pa when we were camping or fishing. He loved his Breyer's Peach Ice Cream. I think I need to indulge in some soon in memory of him.

Strawberry Crunch- This smells like Capt'n Crunch Berries, heavier on the strawberry spheres of sugary cereal crunch (that cut the roof of your mouth like heinous razor blades... seriously, why hurt yet taste so good?!). 

Toasted Marshmallow/Orange Chiffon- I have become a huge fan of these marshmallow dipped shapes and blends. I have a few planned for the next opening. This combo of scents mimics an orange dreamsicle. Verra nice!

One more mystery.... whoooo could this be??

Sniff My Tarts plans on doing a three part opening on Saturday: 7-8am EST, 12-1pm EST, then 7-8pm EST. I have an  order ready to go. I did get my March SMT order yesterday (box one, box two will be here in a couple of days). In case you are curious here is what I plan on ordering:

Dipped Marshmallows in:
Marshmallow Noel w/ sticky marshmallow

Peggy's Blueberry Noel w/ sticky marshmallow

Pink Sticky Serendipity w/ sticky marshmallow

Decorated loaf in Peppermint and Frosted Pine

Decorated Chunks in Peppermint (over pour)/VBN/Marshmallow Noel

Chunks in Warm Vanilla Sugar (over pour)/Leather/Marshmallow Noel

Chunks in Birthday Cake (over pour)/Rose Jam/Vanilla Extract (Yasmine, you TOTALLY hooked me on the thought of Rose and Birthday Cake, thank you!!)

**Order may be subject to change upon my whim and vacillations**

 See a pattern? Mints and Mallows, baby. Mints and Mallows.

Are you ordering? What are your "must have" SMT blends? 


  1. Love your order. I'm going to pick up a non-decorated (cheaper) pan in frostbite/spearmint/vbn and a lemon and vbn sampler. I plan to order at @ 7am so I won't have to wait forever.

    1. Ordering right at 7am is my plan too Yasmine! Do you live in EST zone? My kiddos wake me up at 6:30 every morning so I am usually up and about by then. No hardship. Your frostbite/spearmint/VBN is tempting me. I have had that blend and it is perfection. Ah! Must delete something... Hmmmm. I hope your lemon and VBN samplers rock! No duds allowed :-) Hope your weekend is great!

  2. Sounds like a lot of great scent combos!! I'm curious about the 1st one -- watermelon cake?!?! :-)

    1. I did get lucky! Watermelon cake is quite popular lately. It smells really good! I have a bag o'wax for ya!