Monday, October 20, 2014

Q & A with Kirby Welsh of Vintage Chic Scents

Vintage Chic Scents, owned and operated by Kirby Welsh, has gracefully stepped into the wax scene this past year, exhibiting gorgeous branding, lovely rose shaped tarts, and unique scent blends. Kirby graciously answered a few questions. I hope you enjoy!

1. How long have you worked with wax?
I'm almost through my first official business year, but with the testing phase, probably 18+ months total.

2. What are your favorite scents?
It depends on the week you ask me, but consistently I love Jackie O, Tara Will Never Go Hungry Again, We'll Always Have Paris, and Art Deco. New favorites would have to be The Warrens, The Great Pumpkin, and Central Park Snow Globe.

3. What is your vision for Vintage Chic Scents?
I would love to have a workspace with employees where I could restock the website everyday and consistently have stock available! It would also be fun to have a small store front attached to the workspace.

4. Describe what you enjoy about the wax community.
I love the relationships I've made with so many people- I'm a people person so it helps with working home alone. I also love the creativity  and passion everyone has about wax and the world in general.

5. What one thing would you like to see different about the wax community?
I would like to see more focus on the positive! I would also like to be able to see more of these lovely people in person- annual wax conventions would be amazing!

6. What do you love most about your job?
I love that I've channeled my scent/wax passion into something other people can enjoy- coming up with new scents and collections is an amazing job! I also love to see when people get as excited as I am about my scents!

7. What is the least favorite aspect of your job?
The least favorite aspect hands down would be not being able to please everyone and not being able to make enough product. I'm hoping eventually VCS will be able to grow to the point to meet demand.

8. Describe Missouri in 5 words.
Tradition, family, home, cozy, friendly.

9. What is your favorite soap?
Lush Sexy Peel or Snow Globe.

10. Do you have a favorite perfume or signature scent?
My signature scent has become "you smell like food/candles/cake/cookies" :-)

11. Do you Fangirl over anything?
Lauren Conrad, makeup, scary movies, and wax!

Kirby's hard work and passion about wax definitely shows in her product and attention to detail. I enjoy seeing her business grow by leaps and bounds. VCS tends to get restocked every couple of Sundays. Restocks and openings are announced via Facebook and new scents are also posted on Instagram. I hope you give VCS a try!


  1. A wax convention would be freakin' awesome! Julie, get to work on that.

    I'm curious about what Christmas/winter scents VCS will have.


    1. It seriously would be fun Deb! But way before I get on THAT I am going to get on getting the Sisters together :-)

      From what I have seen she has some promising blends. I am kind of fixated on the Central Park Snowglobe, as it is minty. She is making two samplers out of poinsettia shaped tarts. One is Christmas Villians (Grinch!) and the other is Christmas in New York. Four scents each. I am eyeballing the NYC sampler.

    2. I was just looking at those! I wandered over to the site to see if I could find scent descriptions and saw those samplers. At first I was like 'Oooh, I want both!' Then I thought about how many winter scents I already have......


  2. I am playing catch-up on this series of interviews! That annual wax convention would be amazing!

    1. Yes! Sign me up!!! I think it would be fun to meet these folks in real life and have booths for sniffing and buying. Daydreaming of it now.