Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Q & A with Amy Haslam of Sniff My Tarts

1. How long have you worked with wax?
About 4 years.

2. What are your favorite scents?
I love fall scents all year!!

3. What scent do you loath pouring?
None that I can think of.

4. What is your vision for Sniff My Tarts?
Our family business was started in 2003 by husband and wife. Now we are a mother daughter team. I hope in 20 years, Adaly and I will be working side by side making your homes smell good. I predict SMT to be around long after I am gone.

5. What do you love most about your job?
Being with my family. Not too many mothers get to be with their child 24/7. It can be a challenge but I would not have it any other way.

6. What is your least favorite part of the job?
Going to the post office! Our post office is only open for 4 hours. November that will be changing, and will only be open for 2 hours. Some days it can be a real challenge getting to the post office in time. If we don't get to the post office by a certain time, the post master will not scan them until the next business day.

7. What is SMT's best selling scent(s)?
Lemon Sugar, Toasted Marshmallow, Tangerine Marshmallow Coconut Cake, Peggy's Blueberry Noel, Sprinkled Sugar Cookie Latte, and so many more!

8. What are your guilty pleasures?
Cracking fingers, toes, backs, necks. Weird I know.

9. What are your Top 3 favorite TV shows?
Dance Moms, King of Queens

10. What is your favorite thing about the wax community?
The friendships that have formed in the wax community are absolutely beautiful, it's just amazing. I am blessed to be a part of it.

11. If you could change one thing about the wax community what would it be?
The wax community can be crazy at times, but when a wax sister is in need everyone puts aside their differences and helps. I would not want to change that.

12. Name your hometown/state and describe it in 5 words.
 Clarington, Ohio. Quiet, small, country, boring, backroads.

Amy and Donna Haslam work hard to offer a wide selection of custom scents, shapes and blending options. Their wax is some of my favorite. I hope you got a chance to order from their opening recently. November 1st, I believe, they are slated to open the website for Mystery Box purchases. Information about openings, flash sales, and mystery boxes can be found in their Facebook group.


  1. I love reading these little interviews to get to know our vendors a little better! thank you Julie!

    1. Thank you Kim! That means a lot for me to hear. I am enjoying doing them. They have all been so very generous with their time to do them. I was surprised I have not some of SMT's best sellers. I need to fix that.

  2. These interviews are so cool and unique! Thanks for showcasing them for us! I love that she wants to work with her daughter and envisions being around a long time, and that SMT will survive once she's gone. Very cool! PS: Sprinkled Sugar Cookie Latte sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you Lauren, your kind words feed my heart. I have not tried Sprinkled SugarCookie Latte. I need to rectify that. Next opening!

  3. Great interview of Amy, I must admit I don't know much about the SMT ladies because their FB group is ran heavily by the admins. And who can blame them when they are whipping out goodies for us as quickly as they can. So this is a great insight into Amy and the SMT Brand! I hope there will be one of Donna too! :)

    1. Yes they do stay busy! Hopefully a Donna post will be coming soon :-)