Friday, December 16, 2016

Lasting Scent Candles: Holiday Pre-Order

Pam at Lasting Scent Candles, did a holiday pre-order about a month ago (21 day TAT for pre-orders) and I was saving for Christmas at the time so I ordered small. I bought nine 2 ounce scent shots for $2.65 each with $9.75 shipping. Last year at this time I stocked up big time on LSC holiday scents. A few were melted then but most carried over to this year and I am melting them now with great results. 

Below Zero blends two mints with cedar wood and cypress to create a heaven sent fragrance. The woods lean a little masculine but not cologne. For some reason upscale lodge enters my mind. The mint keeps it frosty and wintery. I have already ordered more of this one. 

Mint Mallow Creme is one of my favorite creamy spearmints. It throws like a boxer for me and its one-two knock out punch sends me off to dream land. 

Peppermint Marshmallow Snow stirs up vanilla marshmallows into a creamy concoction then sprinkles it with crushed candy canes. Love this one. I have read that "snow" is marshmallow fluff so basically this is double mallow mint. And basically a staple.

Glittery dusting of sparkle on the Peppermint Marshmallow Snow.

Sparkling Wonderland pairs pine cones and evergreen with citrus and spice. I love how juicy this one smells. Like mulled orange cider if ever there was such a thing with a smattering of Christmas trees. Repurchased a few times.

Snowy Pines waft the enchanting aroma of pine trees in a candy land of peppermint, vanilla beans and sugar crystals. The vanilla really stands tall in this one and I love it.

Pink Sugar Spruce is pretty straight forward but well done. I tried to scoop up some more during the recent RTS sale but failed, so this lone fella will keep me company until next year. A nice balance of evergreen and candy like Pink Sugar.

Free samples in:

Toffee Crunch Latte, which does remind me of a rich dark coffee sweetened with Heath bar creamer. And now I want to drink just that. 

Cream Filled is a new scent I believe. I pick up lemon curd and a vanilla waffle cone type of bakery. It is very good and quite robust. Looking forward to melting it.

Alright. I was good for this one. But once those RTS holidays scents released, and on a discount to boot, I was bad. So bad it felt good. I even bought my first room sprays. Savanna used up all the Bath & Body Works ones I had so I figured I would pick up a few for her. There are a couple more hauls coming before the end of the month: Long Cane Primitives and The Bathing Garden- those are in house, plus Rosegirls should ship soon. 

Did you take part in the LSC pre-order or RTS sales? What did you get?


  1. I grabbed several in the RTS sale because of you evil wax enablers. I think my wax groove might be returning because I'm actually looking forward to this order. =)


    1. Yezzzz! Mission accomplished. Hey. You can't beat RTS AND on sale! WHOOOHOO!! I love a good wax groove. Honestly I am on one too. I was meh this summer but the past couple months I have been excited about placing orders here and there again. Can't wait to see you haul.

  2. Ahhh! I missed the RTS sale. So sad because LSC has some of the best blends out there. The tarts are a little messy to store, especially when the weather is warmer but man, those blends! So very good.

    1. Oh BOO!!! I can send you some if you want! I ordered plenty :-) I adore so many LSC scents. Their wedding cake, lemons, lavenders, mints and patchouli blends really sing to me. Yes, they are soft. I had a few oily ones that were 3 or more years old that I kept in bags but the ones I had left over from last year didn't leak on me. Only one got really soft. She is doing loaves in favorite scents in the new year. <3

  3. By the time I got to the LSC site, everything was gone!! I guess that's the universe telling me I don't need to buy anything lol. I keep seeing raves about the Cream Filled scent. It sounds amazing. For some reason though, I don't find myself ordering too much wax around the holidays because a lot of the blends have pine, spruce or some kind of mint and those are a no-go for me. Beautiful pics as usual!

    1. Oh no! :-( I made it a little late and missed a few scents but still ordered a butt ton. The next morning I woke up and saw some still in stock so I placed another order too. I was naughty. Are you a bakery lover? I love LSC bakery. Not the breads so much but the cakes and cookies and such... wow. You need to watch out in the new year for loaves in customer favorites coming up. I bet there will be lots of scent choices in that one. Thank you for the kind words Renee. I appreciate it! <3 Merry Christmas dear!