Monday, December 5, 2016

Satin Suzie Scents: Christmas Samplers

Ho ho ho! Somebody went back to Satin Suzie Scents for seconds. There were around five or so Christmas samplers offered recently for $15, containing ten two ounce scent shots. I grabbed Santa's Got A Brand New Bag and the Winter Wonderland samplers. She will be closing for a holiday break from December 16th- January 2nd. The samplers are sold out now but I will review the scents since they are still being offered. 

These samplers arrived in cheerful Christmas tree cello bags, tied with burgundy and evergreen raffia. A note detailing the inspiration behind the sampler accompanied the bags. 

The first one is Santa's Got A Brand New Bag.

Roasted Chestnuts- Interesting. It pulls a little caramel and toffee but there is a dryness that does remind me of nuts lurking inside. It has creaminess and sweetness too. 

Pumpkin Nog- Oh yum. This one is good. Spicy pumpkin puree with a little butter rum and cream. I wish there was a coffee creamer that lasted like this. 

Oh Sugar! Cookie- A classic sweet sugar cookie. This one is chewy and full of vanilla extract and topped with buttercream frosting. Love it. 

Christmas Cedar- An arid and hazy cedar blended with dried orange peels. There is a slight crayon undertone but I am thinking it will burn off when melted. 

Havana Mornings- Coffee! This actually is a pretty nice coffee. Normally I get all bitter puppy toes with coffee in wax but this one has a roasted espresso bean vibe that I am digging. It is sweetened with sugar and maybe a dash of cream. I am thinking I will melt this one. Nice!

Pop's Pipe- Cherry almond to the max. There might be a thread of tobacco weaved in there but the cherry almond dominates old Pop's pipe. 

Peppermint Noel- Yes. I know I appreciate this one. I reviewed it in my initial Satin Suzie Scents post if you wish to read more about it.

White Out- There are plenty of festive notes listed in this one but a moist cedar is what I pull out of this overall. It has a watery note in there that is difficult for me. 

Berry Bellini- A  succulent dupe of Bath & Body Works' Cranberry Pear Bellini that my mom and I loved years ago. Made me nostalgic just smelling it. I will save this for the new year.

Christmas Love- This was a Yankee candle dupe I melted and enjoyed. I mostly got a sweet brown sugar sweetness that smelled like the cozy comforts of home. 

This is the Winter Wonderland sampler. All the woody scents in this one had me plopping it into my cart.

Another Roasted Chestnuts tart.

Cup of Cocoa- Tootsie Roll Swiss Miss. Not sure if I will melt it. Not really into chocolate in home fragrance. 

Nutmeg & Ginger- I very much enjoyed melting this one. Nice throw and lovely spicy scent. More pumpkin pie spice than anything but wonderful. 

Cranberry Festival- A sweet and slightly tart, softly spiced, cranberry scent. I like this one a lot. It reminds me a little of Dessa's Spiced Cranberry scent. One I would order again. 

Christmas Eve- A milder, more relaxed version of Winter from Bath & Body Works to my nose. I love the evergreen forest and light campfire smoke in the distance. A lovely winter aroma.

Frosty Pomegranate- Candy sweet pomegranate laced with a teensy bit of minty coolness. My nose fights with mint and fruit together most of the time, but it is a well done scent and one I can easily pass on for someone else to enjoy. 

Oh Christmas Tree- This is that delicious sugared spruce I love with vanilla sugar crystals sparkling on the boughs. Adore.

Winter Woods- Creamy sandalwood and whisper soft cashmere woods. Delightful!

Snow Day- This almost reminded me of Winter from Bath & Body Works too so I went the closet and opened up my Winter and compared this to Christmas Eve and back and forth. Christmas Eve still represents Winter better but Snow Day has more of that resinous edge that Winter has but without the citrus and incorporating cinnamon instead. It lends a wonderful wintery aroma that I cannot wait to experience.

Peppermint Noel was in this sampler too. Now I have two! Yipee!

Bernadette kindly sent two free samples with the sampler order in:

Pucker Up, Sweetheart- Oh my. I want to straight up eat this one. Ultra gooey vanilla cookies with just a dollop of sweet lemon cream. Incredible.

As You Wish- I really like this one! Mac apples are creamed with Vanilla Bean Noel then deepened with sticky brown sugar. And having just watched Princess Bride for this first time this year, I love the name!

I am very happy with my Satin Suzie Scents order. The TAT was only a few days, the scents are excellent and the customer service is top notch. I will be back. Have you tried Satin Suzie Scents yet? If you would like to read about more scents from this vendor check out Furianne and It's Always Something blogs on the sidebar. 


  1. Awesome order! I'm glad you got an "as you wish" lol.
    I really like her wax! Now you have me wishing I ordered these haha.

    1. Me too!!! It sounded so good I was thrilled to get to smell it. I like it a lot!

      I am loving SSS wax too. I *almost* missed out on these but thankfully I had two friends enabling me so I had to order. Glad I did! <3

  2. Nice! The woodsy kind of scents that you love are not *quite* my bag, but some of the bakeryier (hmm, definitely not a word) blends sound super. Nice to see a new vendor getting lots of love from the wax community.

    1. Bakeryier definitely needs to be added to the wax blogger vocabulary. Her bakery is pretty good. I like having these types of samplers where there are all sorts of scent genres to enjoy. I am melting a really nice bakery right now that smells like caramel vanilla frosted cookies. Mmmmmmm. But it makes me hungry. And I have a sweet tooth of Godzilla proportions. Must get cake.