Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ebb & Flow: December

The highs and lows of the month.

Central Park Snow Globe by Vintage Chic Scents

Cire Trudon Gabriel

Solstice Scents Manor

Make Up:
Dior Lip Maximizer, I loved the sample I was using so much I bought a full sized tube. ($33)

Hand Lotion:
Manuka Hand Cream

November Cakes

Peppermint tea from Celestial Seasonings

The Grand Tour on Amazon
Supernatural on Netflix

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.... still. 

The Bathing Garden's A Snow Globe World, the peppermint coolness and vanilla sweetness were wonderful on the face and body. 

Hand Soap:
Bath & Body Works Sparkling Mint Blossom

A New Year! I am ready to commit to making healthier choices (as I have for the past 20 or so years, I just can't seem to give up on the idea) and I am ready to finally learn to knit. And travel. And make lists.

Killing my adorable new succulents. I got a succulent dish garden for my birthday and one for Christmas. Some of the leaves are dying. I feel impending plant death breathing its decaying breath on my neck when all I want for them is life.

GTS Synergy organic kombucha in Lavender Love

Glade Blue Odyssey candle, way too much soot and overly aquatic scent. 

Being sick for several days before Christmas. I hope this is not the new period trend.

My birthday. And Christmas. It was nice to stay home, cozy, and hang out with my family. The girls exclaimed it was the best Christmas yet.

How was your December? Any highs or lows? Hits or misses?

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve! We will be keeping it low key. Some party crackers, sparkling grape juice and snoozing by midnight. 


  1. December was a pretty good month for me. Christmas was awesome for once, because I didn't have those mopey feelings of 'Why isn't Christmas like it used to be?' I've been excited about gathering tools and supplies for card making, and just having that to keep me occupied has done wonders for my general mood.


    1. Hey. Nothing makes me happier than hearing your birthday month was a good month. I love it. I hope you stay enjoying your paper crafts. They are beautiful and you do a wonderful job at them.

  2. I always look forward to these lists! What's this Dior Lip Maximizer and do I need one! December has been pretty good, nothing too exciting but I really can't complain. I am sick too though! Sorta sucks on New Years Eve but we are going to stay in and watch Brooklyn.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it can be a challenge to find series or posts to add interest. But recapping the month feels good. The Dior Lip Maximizer does not really plump my lips but for some reason I really love how glossy and smooth it is. Makes my lips feel hydrated and it looks flattering. It reminds me a little of the Buxom gloss I love without the stickiness. It was a splurge for sure but I had a gift card and I like using those for things I normally would not go all out on.

      Pooh. I hate to hear you are under the weather. I hope you heal quickly. Gotta start out the year healthy. Or maybe you are just getting the yucky out of the way early. We had a relaxing New Years too. We ended up going to eat sushi then watched Fantastic Beasts one more time before it leaves theaters. How is Brooklyn? I will check it out. Sherlock is calling my name tonight.

  3. I have also been watching The Grand Tour..One of the Hubs favorite shows! Speaking of teas, I really want to get into tea drinking. Something hot to sip on to help relax in the evenings. I haven't found the right one for me yet as I do not enjoy the flowery type teas from Celestial and I am not to sure the fruity ones are going to work for me either. I haven't tried the peppermint yet but usually I am not keen on consuming anything peppermint as it makes me think medicinal and that I shouldn't be eating it...guess that is what diffusing peppermint oil for headaches so much does to you. ha-ha. Other than working on my art and crafting more something I hope to strive for is to be less sick this year. Lets hope for the best! I hope you have a beautiful,safe and happy year Julie!

    1. Those guys are hilarious!! We still watch the Africa Special from Top Gear every now and then for a good laugh. I tend to buy Adam a couple Top Gear shirts off Red Bubble each year for Christmas. He had the "Oliver", "That's Not Gone Well" with the Reliant Robin, and this year he got James' face saying "That's a Dacia Sandero" and a long sleeved shirt that says "Penistone Oils." It tickles me. I have some teas I could send you to sample! Let me do that. The flowery ones are hit or miss for me too and I am not a fan of fruity teas. My favorites are chai, green tea, jasmine green tea, matcha, and lapsang souchong (which it very smoky and piney). It is funny you say that about peppermint because Adam used to have to drink ginger ale any time he was sick so now he can't enjoy it as a drink on its own. I love ginger ale (and peppermint flavors) so that would make me sad. Peppermint is great for soothing tummies too. I hope you can get your headaches managed soon. :-( Wishing you all the best of good health this year.

      Thank you! I hope you have a safe and happy new year too! <3