Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Melting Basket 81: Yule Tide Melts

Wax from the last basket I would buy again includes: CFTKR Citrus & Balsam, BHG Fall into Autumn (Deb you are right, totally an amazing Christmas scent), Satin Suzie Snow Day, Dessa's Cranberries & Pine, Cinnamon Garland, Country Christmas, LSC Sparkling Wonderland, Sugar Clove Berry, Holiday Splendor, and Magical Mistletoe. 

CFTKR- Plumberry Spice
CFTKR- Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
CFTKR- Balsam and Citrus (more please)
Lasting Scent Candles- Holiday Hearth
Lasting Scent Candles- Holiday in the Park
Lasting Scent Candles- Cranberry Citrus Balsam
Lasting Scent Candles- Christmas Tree
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Main Street Christmas
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Christmas Eve

If you would like any of these scents reviewed in depth, just holler. I would be happy to review it just for you. 

I am addicted to birds on my Christmas tree. I have no idea where this came from but I love it.

I spent yesterday in cozy yoga pants and wrapped almost all of the gifts with only a few left to do. Deb mentioned watching a funny holiday movie to pep me up and Scrooged came to mind and what do you know? Netflix had it! So I spent lunch time laughing, wrapping and eating a grilled ham and cheese with Bill Murray.

My sister, Lindsey, bought me this light up lantern for my birthday. They flicker like real flames.

I made it a point to stay in all day. Read a little in bed. Watched Home Alone with the girls after dinner. Then took a peppermint bubble bath, drank Theraflu then passed out. 

My mom cross-stitched this Santa when I was probably 12 or so. This is one of the only crafty things I have that my mom made.

I woke up still a little stuffy but my sore throat is gone. I may just yet dodge the doctor. 

A sweet little mushroom I picked out in Germany at EPCOT last year.

I am amazed at how fast Christmas approaches. I will probably make some Christmas candy. Thinking pralines, some type of chocolate bark or mint candies. Christmas Eve for brunch we head to my Dad and stepmom's to eat and visit, then Christmas Eve dinner will be at my house with my mom and sisters. We plan on doing finger foods and games. Then Christmas morning we will be home all. Day. Long. Staying in pajamas and playing with the toys. Probably watching a little Christmas Story.

One of my favorite ornaments. Downtown Disney (well, Disney Springs now) has a Christmas store and I picked this out there and they personalized it for me.

I am stumped on what to cook for Christmas breakfast, since Savanna told me that the sausage, egg and cheese casserole I made every Christmas morning for the past 10 years is not her favorite. Sigh.

I had fun with some glass enamel paint one year and did this lil snowman and cardinal.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

These are lovely ornaments from the Franklin Mint that my grandmother used to collect. I have about 8 that are all over the tree. They remind me of Nano every time I catch a glimpse of gold. 

I think the bulk of the stress has lifted off of me and I do feel more relaxed. There is a spark of excitement that was kindled while wrapping presents yesterday and imagining the girls opening them. I imagine this may be Savanna's last year of believing in Santa. Hopefully the magic will still remain though. 

My favorite crystal bell trio from when I was a wee babe.

Last night the girls got to sleep by the Christmas tree and we kept it lit all night. They woke up and played with some Power Puff Girls in the blankets and pillows while I sat here, drank my coffee and typed up this post.  A nice start to my morning. But now I must go and make them breakfast. 

How are you feeling today? Do you have the holiday anticipation? Are you planning on cooking or baking? What do you eat for Christmas breakfast?


  1. I am so glad you're feeling a bit better! Soon you'll be right as rain. :) I've served cinnamon rolls and coffee to the adults in my family for the past several years as we open gifts on Christmas morning. I also think a special French Toast recipe would be great. I've seen some special holiday flavor versions on Pinterest including Egg Nog French Toast and even some French Toast casserole. To balance out all the sweets you could do scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives and bacon.

    1. I hope so! I do feel a bit better so I think tomorrow will be the last of it. I have always wanted to make cinnamon rolls with yeast from scratch. Maybe I will do that! Thank you! And yes, there will definitely be bacon and eggs too. <3 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Coffee and Christmas cookies at the in-laws for breakfast, then a big brunch at the aunt's or cousin's. My family does Christmas eve, usually.
    Goodness, sickness the week of Christmas is the worst, but glad to hear you're feeling better:) Yesterday sounds like it was just what you needed. I must say I love the ornaments that you featured, especially the tiny toadstool and the cukoo clock, does it chime?

    1. Coffee and cookies sounds like the best idea ever. How cool.

      Yes, I was bummed but at least I don't have to work this week. It would be tougher to have to work sick, especially around the kiddos. Thank you! The clock doesn't chime but it is one of my favorites. It was one my Nano collected from the Franklin Mint. I have a couple different ones. The toadstool was from Germany at EPCOT. They have the best ornaments.

  3. I just love seeing people's most cherished ornaments. Although it doesn't fit in with the rest of our decor, our tree is a colorful mush-mash of ornaments that we've collected over the years plus some from our childhood. My favorite addition this year is a little wooden peach made from recycled Christmas trees for our sweet boy. We call him our little peach, a nickname that will surely embarrass him as he grows lol.

    Savanna is a doll for eating your casserole every year even though she doesn't like it! We're hosting Christmas Eve for the first time with both of our families combined. I'm making lasagna and cheesecake. Can't wait. This is undoubtedly the most special Christmas for me, my very first as a mama.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better Julie! Hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas!!!

    1. Me too! I could never do a themed tree because I just love taking out all the motley ornaments and memories that accompany them. The girls look forward to it too. That peach is a brilliant idea! Sounds like a new favorite for sure. He looks like a little peach. So sweet and handsome.

      You are totally right! She is a doll and I will do my best to make something she will enjoy. Mmmm lasagna and cheesecake is heavenly. I used to make a Christmas lasagna. Maybe I can this year. And yes, from here on out your Christmases will gain magic with each year that Ever grows. I am so excited for you!

      Thank you Jacqui and I hope you guys have a magical Christmas too! Cheers my friend!

  4. Ooh, lovely - and some of that yummy Balsam and Citrus. What beautiful ornaments, too! I went out today and bought a glittery glass ornament that looks like a T-bone. I laugh every time I look at it. I don't know, steak on a tree is just funny, I guess. :)

    Christmas morning my mom always has a gigantic brunch - gigantic by any standards, but also because it's really just four of us. I'd never suggest going to quite as much work as she does (rice pudding! croissants! sticky buns! bacon for 20!) but a little spread of choose-your-own-breakfast-adventure zipped up a bit with a special, desserty dish is always pretty awesome.

    1. Yes ma'am. I could not take it out of the basket form the previous melting. I needed more. Wacky ornaments are the best. The T-bone sounds like it needs to go next to the pickle. I have a gator in a Hawaiian shirt fishing. But no meats. Yet.

      Ok, doing bacon and buns for sure. And eggs. I think I will do something like that this year too. Make a spread where everyone is sure to find something they like. I just need coffee.

  5. Such pretty pictures! I love your tree. Your girls are so lucky to have you!

    I hope you continue to feel better.

    I used to make a sort of baked sliced pear in orange juice... I think there were cranberries too. I'd take that egg casserole! What about good ol' pancakes? My son always loved those...

    I'm not decorating this year (first time in I don't know how long, 23 years or more). I'm letting the natural atmosphere of snow and forests be my decorations. So it is nice to live vicariously through yours.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I am lucky to have them too for sure.

      I think I am on the tail end of it. I already feel much better.

      Oh wow, that sounds delicious Doreen!! I will see if I can find anything like that. My littlest one loves pancakes. Maybe I can make some for her.

      I have truly loved seeing all your beautiful snowscape photos. If we had beautiful weather like you do I might could get away with not decorating. But since the palm trees and sunshine don't speak of winter to me too much I need to make my own for now. Keep sharing those stunning photos pretty please.

      Merry Christmas my beautiful friend! <3

  6. Love the ornament pics! I never did get around to doing my own ornament post.

    We don't have any set Christmas breakfast plan or tradition. Hubby often wants to make a big feast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast, etc. but the rest of us are usually like 'Nah, not that hungry,' as we shove Christmas candy into our faces.

    I haven't even melted Fall Into Autumn yet! Here I am, broadcasting all over the internet that it's the perfect Christmas scent and I haven't even touched mine yet. Doh! Maybe I'll melt it Christmas Day.


    1. Thank you! I never got around to the home decor photos so I wanted to at least show the tree.

      Aww sweet hubs!!! I will send Savanna up there and she can polish off the bacon and eggs.

      It is sooo goooooood Deb! I will be looking out for it next year for sure. Melt it Christmas day. You won't regret it. Thank you so much for sending it/giving it away. Glad I won!!

  7. What a beautiful tree! I love all of your ornaments. Every year since my son was born I've had him make ornaments and he gives them as gifts. I can't wait for my tree to be full of memories like yours is! I love that your kids got to sleep by the tree! I used to sneak out of bed and sleep under the tree when I was a kid.

    I did holiday baking last week for my husband's coworkers. I just made a few types of cookies. I'm going to bake a couple more things to take to family members this week.
    I'm not sure what we are having for Christmas breakfast yet. We are going to my grandma's house christmas morning.

    1. Thank you! We get our tree at Lowe's usually. Then when we take it down we burn in the backyard. So two uses. :-) How sweet that you have those ornaments building on your tree! Some of my favorites are ones the girls make too. Finger print ones and such. I wish I could have slept by the tree. My parents never let me so I thought the girls might like to and sure enough they loved it.

      I bet his co-workers appreciated that! How sweet! Scarlette and I baked some chocolate cookies for Santa but I do need to make more tomorrow. Mmmmm! Grandma's house, bound to be awesome food there! <3 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Gina! Thank you for the love and support!

  8. Such a beautiful tree, I love seeing everyone's different Christmas trees every December. I just returned home and discovered your package - thank you so much! I was excited before I even got it open because I could smell things instantly! So thoughtful and sweet. I can't wait to try these scents out. <3 Hope all is well,
    -Angela Kay

    1. I enjoy seeing the trees too. They are as unique as the people who decorate them! Oh yay! Glad it made it ok. And I hope you can find some new treasures in there. Thank you so much for doing the FFS with us this year! I hope we can collaborate again in the future. Cheers!