Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nail Polish: Cirque & KBShimmer

I bought some nail polish. It has been a while since I have indulged in my polish passion. Probably not since Cult Nails and Rescue Beauty Lounge closed up shop, did I really buy much polish other than one bottle here or there that caught my eye. 

Until I saw this Cirque collection based on gemstones. Cirque has been around for a while, at least several years from back when I first got into RBL and some indies. I picked up these shades for my first ever Cirque purchase:

Tanzanite, a deep and bright purple-blue but the holo doesn't come across as sparkly. It ends up reading more silvery white. 

Paraiba is a bright green leaning aqua that shines nicely but not over the top like the last two. 

Morganite is a dark champagne shade that shoots off sparks of fiery lights in the sunshine. Love this shade.

Smoky Quartz leans just a touch too black for my preference, I was hoping it would be more smoky brown but I still love it. 

All these colors wear like glass on the fingers. Perfectly easy to paint with and levels to this incredibly smooth surface that almost feels like the top coat is built-in (although I do still use a top coat). They were $13 each and shipped quick. I bought them directly from the Cirque website

KBShimmer reeled me in too with their holiday release newsletter. 

I ended up splurging on these two shades: Haute Mess and Bling In The new Year. They ran $9.25 each and I ordered directly from their website. I see that they are still running their holiday gift with purchase promotion too. I enjoyed the consistency of these glitters, they built up nicely and wore wonderfully. I like to layer Haute Mess over Bling In The New Year. 

My eyes keep lapping up the beauty that is the Cirque Holiday collection. Particularly Halcyon, which I do not have a true rose gold yet. 

Have you bought any nail polish lately? Whose holiday collection are you loving?


  1. Those are all stunning! You know I bought a ton of polish, including a few KB Shimmers. I can't believe I don't have any Cirques! I'm really excited about what I got; the majority of them arrived yesterday. Pretty new NOTD today! I would love to see photos of some of your manis with these!

    1. Did you get any KBShimmers from the holiday collection? I will see if I can grow out my nails a little and do some manis. My digits are nubbins right now because of Fantastic Beasts. I tore them off due to excitement.

  2. These colors are beautiful! I will definitely be checking out the Cirque website :)

    1. Thanks! I love them! I think you would find some fun colors too. I really want that rose gold shade in Halcyon.

  3. Ooh, lovely. KB Shimmer has some great polishes - they probably make up the bulk of my indies. I haven't bought a Cirque polish in forever, although that turquoise one may have me rethinking that. Do they still smell fantastic? I think they sort of smell like freesia. Happy painting!

    1. I can see how a whole polish collection could be made of nothing by KBShimmer. Easy to order and tons of shades to pick.

      Smell?! How have I not smelled them?! Ok I went in the bathroom and painted a coat on. Out of the bottle it smells strong but like nail polish. On the fingers and a little dry though I do pick up some floral briefly. Cool. Might all be in my mind but hey. I will take that. Loving Morganite like no one's business. Thank you! My nails need some TLC bad.