Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lasting Scent Candles: RTS Holiday Sale

There once was a girl who took advantage of a Lasting Scent Candles RTS sale. 

I didn't lose my mind all at once. These were four orders over two days that amounted to one huge haul. I lost it a little at a time. Over some of my favorite scents.

Like this one. I first swung by the brittle section for Cranberry Citrus Balsam. Out. Then popped over to the 2 ounce tart section for CCB. Only two, so I grabbed them. Finally, desperate, I scrolled through the 1.5 ounce scent shot area and... voila! Cranberry Citrus Balsam. I snagged ten. And I refused to be shamed. Juicy oranges, citrus fruits, plump cranberries, evergreen boughs and sweetness. A vivid Christmas potpourri. The 1.5 ounce scent shots were sale priced at $1.45. 

From here on out I have various sizes in various quantities. I will go over the scents, but not in great detail unless I haven't blogged them before, as most of these are repurchases that I have blogged about over and over (but hey... proves just how much I do love them). Two ounce scent shots were on sale for $2.25 and I picked up room sprays too via email to Pam and three were $21, so $7 each. Not sure if that is a sale price or not. 

Winter White Cake- thick rich vanilla cake batter and cool peppermint swirls. Heavier on the cake and frosting. Maybe a touch of spearmint. 

Candyland Dreamin'- a forever favorite of lavender and peppermint. Sweet, smooth lavender and soft mints.

Butter Mint Candies- after dinner mints, fluffy and melt in your mouth. Slight butter richness and brimming with vanilla.

Peppermint Dreams- more peppermint and lavender but stronger on the mint. 

Peppermint Marshmallow Snow- a light breath of mint that elevates mounds of melty marshmallow goodness.

Pine Cone Garland- sweet cinnamon, soft pines, but cinnamon stars here.

Clove Cinnamon- cinnamon and clove perfection. I remember wishing this was a little stronger when I bought it in the brittle last year, but I have high hopes. 

Sugar Berry Clove- red raspberries, shining strawberries and tart cranberries all covered in sugar and spice. 

Cedar Wreath- aromatic cedar smoothed with soft musk and light sugar dusting. Love it to pieces.

Below Zero- my sexy man peppermint. I seriously love this fragrance. The cedar and cypress really lend it a special feel. 

Sparkling Wonderland- oranges studded with cloves, bright and lovely.

Snowy Pines- vanilla sugar pines.

Santa Treats- this is a first for me. Decadent bakery brimming with sweetened condensed milk, cookies and a smidgen of almond extract. 

Magical Mistletoe- pine, balsam and spruce. A forest of fir trees and evergreen cheer.

Holiday Hearth- a slightly smoky holiday twist of Christmas trees, spice and fruits by the fireplace. 

Peppermint Log- another vanilla bakery blend sprinkled with candy canes and kisses. Wonderful!

Lemon Ginger Snaps- a favorite, tart lemon curd and crunchy cookies. So good my mom snuck away with one.

Christmas Tea- my mom wanted this one too, but I only had one and I told her I needed to blog it. Bad daughter I know. An incredible blend of holiday fruits, spices and black tea. This is one I will be ordering more of in the future. 

Apple Pie Latte- buttery gooey caramel and apple pie, a little cinnamon and some frothy milky coffee. I think I can get on board with this. A first time scent for me.

Clink! Clink!- I did give these to mom since they reminded us of her beloved Cranberry Pear Bellini from Bath & Body Works. I did like it quite a bit and plan on getting more one day.

Candy Apple Wassail-a sweet and realistic apple, crunchy and candied. Not much spice. My mom loved this one too for its freshness so I gave her one. I nice year round apple.

Candy Cane Kisses- vanilla sugar and candy canes. Not a bakery vanilla but more of a marshmallow vanilla fluff. Not overly icy. 

Holiday in the Park- greenery and a sugared spruce vibe. Lovely.

Plum Sugar Tea Party- dark fruits, plums and purple grapes infused into a black tea brew.

Chilly Morning- Sweater Weather dupe. My sister Lindsey got these two. I don't get on with Sweater Weather but she loves it. And she highly approved of these. She said "it reminds me of sexy men and hanging out in the cabin in Tennessee."

Sinful- sinfully delicious. Toffees, vanilla creams, cookies, cupcakes, and caramel butterbrickle. 

Sugar Sparkle- lemony caramel bliss.

Egg Nog Pound Cake- interesting... a very light almond pound cake aroma backed with a brandy cream nog. There is a plastic tone that I think will melt out. 

Mint Mallow Creme- one of the best spearmints out there. Sweet, minty, and sticky with marshmallow goo. 

Toffee Crunch Latte- coffee and caramel. Cozy and warming.

I am deeply impressed with these Aroma Mists. One spray scents a large area for a good amount of time at a nice strength. Cabin Fever is my current closet spray while Candy Cane Kisses is in Savanna's room. She loves to spray one squirt at night before bed. I keep Peppermint Marshmallow Snow in the guest bathroom. Lasting Scent Candles' Aroma Mists are one of my favorite new product discoveries of 2016. I will be back for more. 

I noticed beautiful holographic glitter shining in the bottoms of a few scents the past few orders and I love it. So pretty. 

I ended the year on a high wax note for sure. And I am excited about Pam's plans for some loaves and cake shapes for the New Year restock. My fingers are already itching to photograph their cuteness. Did you partake of the last LSC sale of the year? What were your favorites?

Happy New Year! May your 2017 be the best year yet! <3


  1. This haul was so fun to look at! I did indeed get some LSC recently, even a few of the same ones you have. The pic with ten of the same scent made me chuckle. I'm sure we've all done that! lol


    1. Thanks! It was fun to haul! One of those where I am all "and I'll take one of those and two of these and a few of that..." LOL! Yes! We do all have some of those scents we don't mind buying a few of to stock up on. If I see Fall into Autumn next year, that will be one of those scents. Hope you are having a nice day today. After church and some running around I mended a couple of Adam's sweaters and now I am in my pjs and trying to get a few more posts up.

  2. Incredible order!! So many awesome scents! The aroma mists have become staples for me this year.

    1. Thanks! I did go whole hog on this one. I have a nice start on my Christmas scents for next year which is nice. I have to agree with those mists. They are really great. I am loving them. Do you have any must-have mist scents? Where do you use yours?

  3. Wow! Great order! I hope I don't miss her next opening. She might have the best blends out there.

    1. Thank you! It was an epic haul for me, no doubt. I don't always go big but when I do, it is usually CFTKR or LSC. Pam does create some magic in her melting pots. So much sweet creamy goodness. Do you have any favs or ones you hope she restocks this next opening? It should be pretty soon here.

  4. So, so cute. I love the way you lay all the little cups out (speaking of, I really like scent shots - so neat and tidy for storage. Some of my bagged stuff is MESSY and I don't even manhandle it that often.) The Cranberry Balsam ones look fantastic - thanks to you (and CFTKR) I have a newfound appreciation for balsam and fruit together.

    1. Scent shot lover over here too. I like the ease of use and storage. I reach for them much quicker than I do chunks or anything else. Thank you for the compliment! I wasn't the first to lay them out neat and probably won't be the last but I like how clean it makes the photo. I like to see them all spread out like George Costanza on a chaise lounge.

      Glad I could help you find a new love. That is part of what makes wax swaps so fun... the new scents to try that you wouldn't normally buy. Round Robins are fun for that too. I am ready for next Christmas season, indeed.