Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pearl Rose Candle Co.

My friend, Amanda, at Thrifty Polished sent me a quick message the other day that a vendor was having a really good sale over at Pearl Rose Candle Co. And I figured at $2 a clamshell (for some), I couldn't pass it up. So I placed a wee order on December 30th and it arrived about January 5th. 

Cabin in the Woods ($2 sale priced) is a dupe for Bath & Body Works Leaves, though it has a slight creamy caramel dollop of Cider Lane. I love the design on the clamshell. Three cubes in the kitchen and three cubes in the living room threw a solid medium. I quite enjoyed this one.

Sweet Dreams ($4) blends lavender and sugar cookie into a lovely delight that is sweetened with cream and sugar. I melted three cubes in two warmers each (used the whole clam) and it melted in a large area about medium-light to light. I mostly picked up a dry vanilla with a subtle floral that hinted at sweet lavender. A pleasant scent but probably not one I would buy again.

Winter Wonderland ($2 sale prices) is a sweet pine scent. It threw medium-light in the larger living area and kitchen. I love how pretty this one looked. 

Starlit Night ($4.50 for a 4 ounce bag) purports to be a Lush Twilight dupe (which I quickly threw in my cart! Twilight! Yay!!) but sadly it is nothing like it. The lilac is crazy strong in this blend and little wisps of the sweet lavender I know and love are swallowed whole by the springy florals. I melted half a bag in my bedroom and got a medium throw. It was a nice scent for a bulb flower lover. It had a hyacinth and daffodil air to it. But not a Twilight dupe. 

A free sample in Love Drunk, which is a Love Spell dupe, is a little sweeter and less cloying than the actual Love Spell to my nose. I quite prefer it over the real deal. 

- Decently fast shipping
- Offers body care
- Cute product
- Offers subscription boxes
- Fair shipping price ($4.75 for my order)
- Free samples

- Some dupes are not even close to original scent
- Strange pricing... some 50% off clams were $4 while some were $2 and some 4 ounce products are $4.50 while some 3 ounce products are $2.00
- Not much stock or scent variety

The throw varies widely but it can with any vendor depending on the scent oils.

Overall, it was a nice experience. I may visit again when there is more stock available and if there are scents in that I really want. 


  1. I've never heard of this vendor. Amanda sure can find those small vendors!

    I wonder if you melted smaller amounts, if you might get stronger scent? I mean, okay, maybe this vendor is just weaker in general but I've been amazed sometimes at what less can do.


    1. She sure does!! Lol!! I normally melt three cubes because that is about an ounce and a half and that is my go to amount to melt all the time. You could be right but I am stubborn and like to use that amount across the board. I hope you have a good week!!

  2. I was all prepared to ask if you usually melt 3 cubes at once but I see Deb has beat me to it. I always have luck with melting only one cube but I know everyone is different. Cabin in the Woods sounds great! I'm a bit of a Cider Lane-aholic. It's my go-to cozy winter scent and mixed well with everything. Thanks for another great review!

    1. I do! My home has cathedral ceilings and to get a decent throw I need about 1.5 to two ounces in a warmer. Unless it is my bathroom pull-in, which takes only one cube. Or my bedroom which can do two if it is strong like TBG Belladonna.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your little order for the most part! Your photos are so pretty! I got the Cabin in the Woods and Winter Wonderland scents too and though they smell great on cold I haven't melted those yet. I've melted Apple Pumpkin Strudel, Pumpkin Cheesecake and Candy Corn so far and all have smelled yummy with a moderate throw. I would definitely order again.

    1. Yes I did! Thank you for alerting me of the sale <3

      Cabin in the Woods was really nice. Glad you are enjoying your melts!

  4. The wax is really pretty! Cabin in the woods sounds really good! I'm a huge fan of cider lane blends

    1. Cabin in the Woods was a stand out in the bunch for sure! I agree Gina. Her wax is cute <3

      Hope you have a good rest of your week!