Sunday, January 29, 2017

Derma Lift: Intensiderm Nerco Mask

This Derma Lift Intensiderm Necro Mask (Necro Mask?!) did not make me look like a necrotic zombie.... well maybe a little when I had it on... but after I was quite spiffy and shined up like a newly minted penny. Why did I look like a necrotic zombie when wearing it? Well, the mask was a light blue/green tinted, semi-translucent gel that was split into upper face and lower face (much like the Boscia one I reviewed here). See what I mean by creepy? In fact, the cut was the exact same, with the weird chin slit and all. This mask was a gift from Liz at Furianne

These masks are made by LG. The same LG that makes home goods. They also created NecroX, a patented chemical (X), that provides excellent skin protection "that you have never seen before." Some ingredients include: lactobacillus ferment (probiotic, but from the articles I have read, not much conclusive evidence on topical applications), skullcap extract (antioxidants to combat inflammation and acne), green tea leaf extract, Korean (or Japanese) mugwort, chameleon plant (detoxifying), broccoli sprout extract, and about a dozen other plants. 

The serum was abundant and did leak a bit in the sink as I was taking the two pieces out and applying them to my face. The serum felt slightly oily after I removed the mask. I massaged the remaining liquid into my face, neck, chest and hands. I would say this particular mask is hyper-moisturizing, great for winter use or dry skin issues. I have oily skin but still found it felt nice and left my skin soothed, though I would only use it at night and not in the morning as I don't think my makeup would stay put. Think of this more as a sleep pack treatment to wear to bed. This mask can be purchased on eBay and other Korean beauty sites for $3-$4 each or in 3 packs for around $12. I would buy again if I felt the need for extra hydration, but would not use on a regular basis as it seems intensely hydrating. 


  1. Where did you find these mask for $12? xx

    1. Hello! eBay and some Korean beauty sites... if eBay doesn't work you can try imomoko or other online stores such as that.